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November 23, 2018


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Dear Simon
I took the IELTS exam recently and my score is 7.5,I use your blog and I use all your advice.I am so thankful and I recommend everyone who wants to take IELTS use your materials.
Shirin from Iran

Congratulations and thanks Shirin!

Ok sir , I will do to improve my intonation through recording.

Oh my god! Absolutely true! That's (the relationship between pronunciation and listening) what i've been thinking about lately. My listening has improved a lot as i started pronouncing words (and a group of words combined) the way native speakers do. Now i understand most of what's being said in the movies. You never cease to amaze me. An awesome, passionate, curious, creative guy with a fascinating insight into language learning.

Good work Shokhrukh! I'm glad you've realised how important pronunciation is. It really is the hidden secret to language learning!

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