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November 14, 2018


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Enjoy your break, Simon. I look forward to your next lesson when you are back.

Hi Simon.

You work so hard to help us out on testing. Enjoy your day off!!!

Thank you sir for your great effort to teach us IELTS daily.Enjoy vacation sir.

Thank you for helping us so much. Wish you always cheerful and happy !!!!

Thank you so much for your commitment and enthusiasm! We'll miss u ^^. Enjoy your trip!

Dear Mr Simon

I have been amazed that you have lasted so long. It must be over six years. Could I suggest that more often you just update some of the oldest lessons and republish them? Even automatically.

I would also question whether it has to be seven days a week all the time. Why not take alternate Wednesdays off or something?

I feel what teachers most need is guidance on how to grade Tasks 1 & 2, and assess speaking, and this would help students too. I realize this may be difficult in view of confidentiality clauses, but it could well be effective.

Also, my impression is that the IELTS market has changed somehow, and that the traffic on this site is different in some way.

That said, teaching is 90% inspiration and I think that is what this site has provided over the years.

Stay well.

thank you Simon,
I dont know how to express my feelings now after reading this post.
I wake up at 4.30 every day for my own commitments of learning english, and the first page that I visit always ielts-simon.com
yes, I am waiting for your lessons

PLEASE enjoy your vacation.

thank you Oleg
that's also what I am thinking.

Thank you so much, enjoy your trip

Enjoy your vacation Simon! I've learnt a lot from you and I got Band 7.5 in my very first IELTS test, I'm so happy and really want to thank you! I want to be an IELTS teacher in future and hopefully you can enrish me more. Take care sir.

Thank you and enjoy your time!

Have a nice break.

Have a good vacation !
Thank you a lot.

THANKS for your dedication all the time, i've learnt alot. I set your website as the home page of my web browser because you updates a lesson everyday.
Do take a break plz!

Have a nice rest, dear Simon

Best of luck!i thin, its needed to refresh & energies"

Thanks for your dedication. We all hope you all the best. You re the one who inspires a lot of people.

Good luck to you dear Simon
We really appreciate you, you always make the best choice. All the best wishes to you. Enjoy your week off and have a great week, untill the next wednesday. Love you!!!

You deserve days off since you made lots of lessons for us sir!

That's what I expect to see now, a break will bring you lots of benefit. Have a great time!

hi, Simo teacher. I'm new student!

Enjoy your break Simon.hope to see ur lessons when you resume

Hi Simon,you deserve it.Thank you for all the efforts you have done for us.Enjoy!

Hi Simon, thank you so much for your help. Enjoy your break!

Hi Simon,
Thanks a lot for all the help! I've been following you since 2015 and know that this site is most reliable for IELTS preparation. The information that you have been consistently providing is of utmost importance and easy to absorb into the frontal lobe of the brain 😉.

All in all, you deserve much more than simply a 1-week break. Take good care of yourself and hope to see you in the most active state of mind next week, God Bless!

active on the site to provide us with quality IELTS information and that's without any major financial interest.

Hi Simon, I want to thank you for your great lessons and brilliant ielts advice on this website. I have used it for a month before I took my first ielts test two weeks ago. I just checked my ielts result and it is L9R8.5W6.5S7. I have already received a satisfactory score. If it hasn’t for you, I probably still can’t say goodbye to ielts now. Thank you again!

* Oops! Please ignore last 2 lines.

Actually, I wanted to say, 'Unlike some so-called IELTS teachers, you are one of the few who is consistently providing us with the quality lessons without any sort of financial interest!

Have a nice break.
Thank you.

thank you for your effort simon.
have a nice holiday.

U deserve a break. although we miss you

Hi Simon,
thanks for your efforts and donation. Enjoy your break and have fun. We are always here waiting for you :)

thank you for your wonderful blog! hope to see you soon

Have a nice holiday. Thanks for your efforts.

Dear Simon thank you for your useful website. wish you forever happy and cheerful!

Hi Simon, How can I get your book in India?

That's absolutely ok Simon. Everybody needs rest . Hope to see you soon.

Thank you for your continuous contributions to the site.
enjoying your short break.

Recharge your battery and support us as well as dedicate yourself to the career of IELTS. A Million of thanks

You did awesome work. BIG THANKS!

dear gorgeous simon
thank you for all of your favors
enjoy your off days

i appreciate you dearest simon.


Thanks for your kind and positive comments. It's incredible to me that the people who follow this blog are exactly the kind of people that I would hope to teach!

It has been good for me to have some time to reflect on my work (e.g. the purpose of this blog and the people whom I'm trying to serve). I'll share some of my thoughts this weekend.

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