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December 02, 2018


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I took the test a few months ago in Korea. when I applied the test, I didn't realize how I can do it exactly, It was my first mistake. Although I got a poor score. I loved the test.

There are some advantages and disadvantages.

1) I could see the left time directly on the top of the page.
2) Listening & Reading: I could highlight and removed at the key points very quickly. even the colour was fluorescent yellow and I also could change the colours (red, blue, yellow, green, and so on)
3) Writing: In the test, the computer test was quite good because I could copy the sentences and calculate the number of words. (copying was quite useful when I wrote the same words.

1) I couldn't write any information on the page. That means I had to write directly on the page. Although they provide a paper for the memo, it was uncomfortable.
2) Listening & Reading: unfamiliar reading on the screen. I had to repeat scrolling down and up the page and checking the question and answer by clicking each question numbers. It was terrible.

Although I took just two times, it was quite nice to some people who are familiar with the computer. But, there are also have some drawbacks such as inconvenience reading layout.

I hope that this will help you. Every day I receive a lot of help to you. Really thank you :)

@Seolhee Yang
Thank you. According to your notes I think that benefits of the computerized test outweigh its drawbacks. Another good point is that the computerized test will decrease the usage of cutting down the trees for paper production over the world.

Hi Simon,

I would like to say thank you for all the free videos and materials here in your website. Also, I passed my IELTS-UKVI Academic Module in computer based for only one take. Thank you so much since you enlighten me on how to tackle each aspect of IELTS, especially in Writing Task 2. Your method is superb and this is the only method that I used when I was still practicing. Now, I am able to progress my career as a nurse in the United Kingdom. Again, Thank you so much and more power to you :).

Dear Simon,

Thank you so much for all the free materials you provide via your websites and other social media means.
I am planning to take a computer-delivered IELTS in 30 days, hoping to get a band score 7 for writing. I have already taken the IELTS paper test once, with R:9, L:9, S:8, and W:6.5 band scores. I hope all the advantages of computer test help me reach 7 in writing. I chose this type of test as it allows you edit your writing way easier than the paper type.

Wish me luck!

Thank you for your big heart, Simon.
As a suggestion, if you post any comment in "comment section", please always use "From Simon:" phrase because it would help us to search this keyword in the search field to find your invaluable comments on different posts. I know that you usually use this phrase, but sometimes you don't.
Thank you.

In the LISTENING PART, THERE IS NO 10-MINUTE TRANSFER TIME, so please be careful. In the writing part, there is a word count.

In my opinion, the most helpful part is writing as you can see how many words are left.

hello Hadi,

where are you planning to work in the future? I've heard that UK are now accepting 6.5 band score for writing as long as you got all 7 or better in the rest of the subtest. Good luck.

Hello angie,

Can you tell me where you heard this information from.?for skilled and medical professionals as well? I need this information because I have to work in UK



OET is often a good option for nurses.


Hi Simon,
I've taken the computer-delivered test for six times. I think I fit this kind of test very well especially in the writing test. The only drawback for me is that currently I don't know how to improve my awfully slow handwriting. :P
P.S. Scrolling up and down is really not a problem. It won't be long before acclimatising yourself to the new style.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys, and congratulations to Aldin!

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