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December 22, 2018


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Rightly pointed out by Sir Simon. It would be more appreciated if you give the probable band score to all commented answers on second last Friday.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Because at least half your speaking score is based on delivery (pronunciation and fluency) it wouldn't be wise to give scores to written answers. It might give people the wrong ideas.

Thanks dear Simon.

My dream house could a traditional one-story building with a big yard and garden filled with lush trees and fresh grass.
I really like to spend my quality time in that yard and talk to my loved ones, especially my children.

some of my teachers said it'd be boring if starting only with the phrase "i'm going to talk about". Alternatively, it's easier to capture examiners attention from the first start?


That's not a boring phrase at all. It's what most native English speakers would say, and its only purpose is to start the description.

Don't try to impress the examiner with linking and introducing phrases. Instead, make the content of your description interesting.

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