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December 29, 2018


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Simon sir always says that you do not worry about grammar and linking words just focus on ideas, opinion and band 7 words and phrases.Is there a list of band 7 words and phrases for writing as well as speaking ? some also says that both have 25 % marks each . So, you have to pay attention on both criteria. What do you want to say ?Sir, I could not use advance vocabulary and grammar , I have simple words.So, how can I get high score at least 6.5 in both modules ? Simon sir's last piece of advice is master in wide range of topics for writing and speaking with confidence to get high score

Dear Simon, thank you so much. I've actually been following your blog for six months since I decide to take ielts test. Two weeks ago, I took my first test in China, and i eventually got an overall 7 point. I really appreciate your work about English stuff, and i hope your excellent blog to keep blooming all over the world. Bless you and your family. Happy new year!


Congratulations! It is phenomenal success to achieve band 7 following for only six months of this GREAT blog. I achieved overall 6.5 but only following this website for 3 months.

That is an good idea.


If you look at the IELTS statistics, in general the writing result tends to be half a band below the reading. This means that to get Band 7 in writing, you probably need to be scoring 7.5 or more in reading; otherwise you probably do not have the vocabulary needed.


The average for Russia is Reading Band 7, and Writing Band 6.

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