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December 01, 2018


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Thank you Simon.
This has always been a question to me whether I can use such structure in an IELTS essay or not.
It is very helpful you always review comments and make a post of it.

So, we should stick to grammar rules in writing in any case but use THEY in speaking as a native.

thank you for this illustration
I think using (he/she) instead of "They" are better in English Writing so we can give the same meaning.

I had a plan for asking the same question since last week when I realized that during talking about any organization or team I was automatically pronouncing "they" instead of "It". However, I was wondered why it was" They". And, now it is almost clear from this post. Thanks a lot, Simon.

Hi Simon
I have a habit of using “You” when I am speaking, for example “suppose you are...” Can I do that in the speaking test?
And the test 5 in W2 in Cambridge 12, I find it very confusing. I tried to write it but I don’t think the task response is right. Would you be able to write a sample answer for that please?

It's unable to access the hyperlink of the above essay. Please correct that.

What about the following: They have a busy schedule OR They have busy schedules?


Hi Simon

What's your idea about this:
First of all, be dominant in the Vocabulary, then going to other skills(especially about Writing)?

please guide me!





So, either is possible. If you are referring to an organization or company with 'they', that is, in effect a singular entity, then I would use the singular. If you are thinking of the individuals, I would use the plural.


Thank you so much. I am thinking of individuals. However, I was not mean to specifically say that each of them have a busy schedule. Just in general, people nowadays have busy schedules. So, I am guessing plural form?


Hi, can anyone help me to correct my grammatical mistakes of the sentences I made? Many thanks!

Bring about
Social networking media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, has brought about significant changes in the ways people interacting with each other. Nowadays, people, especially youngsters, prefer to communicate via instant messages rather than meeting in person.
Another way to boost employees’ morale enormously is to acknowledge their contributions to the company on a regular basis.
Give rise to
Some people argue that allowing the private companies to fund medical research projects may give rise to biased claims which are driven by monetary gains.
Arise from
Providing longer holidays to staff may be able to ease the discontentment arisen from long working hours and low salary.
Lead to
Growing number of vehicles will not only lead to air pollution, but also cause global warming, affecting the habitants of wildlife.
Stem from
Global warming stems from excessive use of fossil fuel and its pollutants, therefore, all government should make a contribution to reduce the reliability of gas and oil.
There is a danger of the research outcome being modified in order to benefit the profits of the private companies.

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