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December 14, 2018


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Well, living in an apartment is an overgrowing trend not only in my country but all over the world. We have our own apartment which is really awesome. By the way, I would like to talk about a new apartment/flat that I have recently visited. My newlywed cousin who lives in the capital Dhaka had purchased an apartment just months ago. It is in Mirpur, Dhaka, one of the sophisticated residential areas in Bangladesh. He invited me to visit his wonderful apartment and I was really excited to go there since he told me that something was undoubtedly exceptional because it was designed by a renowned American inner and outer decorator. Yeah, I was lost for words when I first saw it because of its wonderful inside decoration, although its outside look was seemed to be very simple. I was fascinated by the stylish wooden furniture, expensive colorful tiles, startling chandeliers, and three giant screens. There are some lavish sofas in the drawing room and extraordinarily designed beds in every living room. Most eye-catching areas are living rooms, kitchen with wooden figure and fine baths. It was looking really interesting due to its mind-blowing structure. There were three balconies too where the couple rear pigeons which I called amazing and decent habit. I have spent my two wonderful days in this attractive apartment and I opined that the flat was totally different compared to others, even from our one.

Simon is it ok to use the past present future technique with speaking test part 2? i''ll describe a house from my past, recent, and the future house i'll live just to extend my answers to two minutes?

I have visited many houses or apartments in various cities and villages during my field visits but the only one house for me is unforgettable. Sometime, I call this my dream house because the house that is I am going to explain has an absolutely perfect for today's modern lifestyle. A small family of 6 members were living their own happy life.

This house is situated in a small village named as Green House and just 20 kilometres away from my city. The Green house is recently constructed by a famous architectural engineer. The area of this house was about to 6000 square metres. As I called it as a modern house for living because it has was designed on the concept of both the modern and traditional arts and have shape and structure like a tomb.

As I entered to visit to inside the building I feel a heaven for me because everything was maintained and built by the nature. There were five rooms, a corridor, a lawn, kitchen, park, garage, guest room, play area, swimming pool, a small garden, animals farm and a big area for cultivating vegetables. All these were constructed according to their requirements and was maintained by well planning. There were more 30 different trees species and flowers.

The owner of house has installed the solar system for generating the electricity. The entire house was enlightened by natural way during night. He was growing his own vegetables through fully automated irrigation systems. Moreover, the animal were feeded by manual moving tray in a series of rows and their waste were collected for producing biogas. This gas was supplied to kitchen for cooking purposes. The natural water lifters and filters were installed for exploring and filtering ground water for cooking and drinking and irrigating purpose. The modern type of facilities were there such as internet, TV cable, and heating system, these all appliances were operated by solar energy without any cost.

This was really an eye opening example for me when I discovered this type of house.

1 minute note preparation:
. Dumkauli, western part,200 km from main city
. My Uncle family,since 10 years
. attractive, outside : pink colour of wall
inside : airy room, light passes through window.
. why I like : garden, parking , near Chitwan national park,adjacent to jungle,close to Narayani river ,easy for bathing and wild animals seen.
Just a month ago, I visited my Uncle's house. My uncle has been living there for 10 years. It is a beautiful place ,called Dumkauli.It is 25 km from Narayanghat which is main city of this district.It is in the west of Nepal.This area is very close to Chitwan National Park.There is also jungle near by it.There are a lot of attractions inside and outside of the building.The colour of the wall is pink and roof is painted with white colour .So, it attracted me.Living room is airy and light passes through the window.Fresh air comes through this window.The reason why I found this interesting because there is a garden near it.Mango trees and lichi trees are there.Rose flowers have grown in front of house.Beautiful place is there for vehicle parking.Narayani river is adjeacent to this area. water flows smoothly. It is easy to take bath in the river and swimming by boat.Fish is famous of this river.

The most appealling house in my memory was my grandparents' hosue. It was about 30 kilometers from the center of Weinan City and in a small village surrounded by a lot of farmlands. My grandparents live in it and my father and I spent our childhood in it. The house looked like a gift box outside and is a mixture of mud and bricks. The most intertesting thing I found in it was the huge bed. It was built from mud with a tube connecting it with kitchen. So in winter, everytime my grandmother cook in kitchen, the stove heat will pass accross the tube and make the bed even the entire room warm, very environmentally friendly.

Hi Simon, there was my speaking exam yesterday. In part 2,the topic was “describe a place(an indoor or an outdoor) where you was easy to study.”. I described my study room but in first minute I use simple continuous tense. then I realized “was”. In last 30 seconds I said that I was studying there and I am still studying also it was nice place to study. Is it off topic? I talked about all questions but only in last 30 seconds I used past tense in a few sentences

Hello Everybody,
i just want to share some questions that asked to me on 15 Dec 2018 general test.
1. if person have a car then is it show his status?
i said NO
2. then what are the things that show the person status?
3. having HYBRID or Electric car means people are more aware about environment?
i said no
4. then what are the other steps should be required to aware the people about environment?

CUE CARD- trip that you took by public transport

Hello Simon,
Is it possible to describe my parent's house for this question? If not, why?
Thank you.

Well, the memory of my dream house that I recently visited crosses my mind.

It was the homestay that I spent my 5-day trip to Dalat at. I can easily describe every single detail as it was just a few weeks ago. Though I hadn't read any review beforehand, which I normally did, it turned out to be more than great.

The house was a small homestay with 4 humble rooms, and as I traveled on weekdays, there were almost just me and some housekeepers during my time there.

I was surprised when I first came to the house: it was on a mountain, surrounded by no neighbor family that I could see with my own eyes, but a forest of pine tree. And that was quite perfect for me, as an introvert.

It was a terrace house with connecting properties and beautifully designed in rustic style. Though the outside looked a lot like a cottage, inside furniture was extremely modern and minimal. There even was a barbeque area and a kitchen which are connected by a staircase.

What made this house seem special to me was the feeling into the nature it provided. I love got up early in the morning, took a seat outside the kitchen with the view to the forest, and sipped home-made espresso while enjoying the sun rising. The whole experience was my cup of tea. I love it.

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