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December 07, 2018


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Thank you Simon.
For Part 3 questions, the answer to questions is obvious, but in a short amount of time I can't develop such a simple answer even in my own language. If a similar question is given in a writing test I can come up with some reasons to develop my idea, but when it comes to speaking, thinking process takes me some time and causes hesitation which affects my fluency. I am emphasizing even in my own language this causes hesitation! This problem gets worse when I want to bring an example after giving reasons, even fake ones. I'm practicing speaking for over 6 months and honestly I got better, but still with some questions I still hesitate noticeably. I read some articles about using fillers would help to buy some time, but this doesn't help me neither, because fillers don't give me enough time to think of any explanation. Do you have any suggestions?

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