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December 28, 2018


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Simon sir,
Is it good idea to give an example in part 1 ? how important is paraphrasing the question in part 1?
If the question is in first conditional like talk about a place where you would like to travel , are all answers would be in first conditional? or in which tense I should give answer?

Hi Simon

Today I've received my IELTS RESULTS: L7, R6, W6, S7. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Simon. Although I didn't get the score I expected, I'm still happy with the result. You mattered me a lot you know, you were a pioneer of achieving this result. I loved your simplicity and it did work for me. To my surprise I scored 6 in writing but I expected at least 7. Anyway, I am so grateful for all your help, THANK YOU AGAIN, LOVE YOU!

Hi! What should I say if I’m not working and not studying too? Please help me with this. Thank you.

Can I answer neither "I am unemployed" ?

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