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December 13, 2018


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How you can get 7
Task1....Task2...Writing Score

Which task are you good at?

Forget about the “20 minutes for task 1 and 40 for task 2” recommendation!

On the test day, if you have given a task that you have practised before and know a lot about, or seems quite easy to get a high score form, give it more time.

Or maybe I’m just wrong!
How do you think?

Yes Ajji you are right to some extent I mean most students will save time if they start with easier one for them. However I think experts did deep research on this and concluded to advise candidates to spend the time like that.


I would not rely on scoring Band 8 in Task 1 !

Yeah, i am finding the sample of this.
Thank you very much.

Simon sir,
Regarding point no 2, in your description, comparing numbers , I simply mean that how many times is difference or similar.But here I have to understand the listing the number of different items together is also one type of comparing.Is it right or wrong ?



The most important aspect of Task 1 is to make sure the sentences are accurate, both in terms of grammar, and stating the features correctly.

The danger of just 'listing' the numbers is that it will be seen as 'recounting detail mechanically', which is Band 5. The instructions usually ask specifically for 'comparisons where relevant', and leaving them out will downgrade the score for Task Achievement.

Using 'while', 'whereas', 'compared to' and so forth does provide contrast, which is certainly good enough for the overview. Strictly speaking, comparison comes from using comparatives such as 'larger than', 'four times larger than', 'far more than', 'a fourfold increase in ', 'a substantial rise in' and similar.

Just my understanding of the requirements.

I got 6.5 for writing and my overall score is 7 thanks to you. I was so happy. Wish you all the best ka teacher!!

Hi I made a sentence for type 3 by myself before seeing your sentence.
I wrote : The number of people who used their mobile phones to record video in 2010 is four times more than those in 2008.

What do you think? I want your comment. Thank you

Jenny Song

I wonder whether 'was' would sound better as we are talking about the past. Also, it was not exactly four times more. We would also need to detail the percentages as well: at 35% compared to 9%.

It seems like a joke when you get a 8 score at task 2 while you get 5 at task 1,task 1 is much easier than task 2 lol


we can use this structure for all other tasks or either for this table only?

is is possible to use had risen instead of rose by 26%

izzy I have been thinking the same .

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