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December 12, 2018


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Can you give me all meaning of these words,sir
Thank you.

Hi Simon

Could you have another look at the folowing task 2 question which comes from Cambridge book 9, test 1?

Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Could you make lessons for this question, I'm struggling with proper ideas, and I lack them...

Thanks in advance...

Nowadays, food travels thousands of miles before reaching consumers. It affects the agriculture and economy of the destination country, and for this reason, people should prefer food produced by local farmers.
Do you agree or disagree?

In recent times, certain food items are being transported to various parts of the world, and because of this the farming industry and economy of the recipient country are getting hampered. Hence, it has been argued that people should use food products made in their own countries to prevent this trend from developing. I completely agree with this argument.

I think that people can undoubtedly help agriculture in their counties by purchasing food grown by local farmers. If they prefer locally produces food items over imported food products, individuals who cultivate different crops would benefit more. Therefore, state agriculture would expand significantly and food would be available to almost everyone in a particular country at an affordable price. For example, people in many parts of India only consume food produced on their own lands and this is the key reason why the growth of agriculture in India is booming these days.

Moreover, the national economy would boost if maximum numbers of people consume only local food products. The more people would spend on food products of their region, the more money would go to the national government and ultimately country’s economy would grow as the money spent on local food will remain in the particular country. In 2017, for instance, the Indian economy raised by 5% due to increased consumption of local food by Indians.

In conclusion, I altogether support the idea that the farming business and economy of the individual nation would grow drastically if greater numbers of people from that country consume majorly food products cultivated by local farmers.


'Food miles' is an issue in Europe and USA:
What we eat is also a related issue:


1) Moreover, the national economy would boost -> would be boosted ...

2) The more people would spend on food products of their region, the more money would go to the ...
[Your version might be used in parts of Canada, or by some native speakers in the USA.]

3) the Indian economy raised by 5% -> rose

4) drastically: has a negative nuance

5) majorly: informal

Reading around this topic would help your topic vocabulary.


Re food miles, our overall goal would be to minimize pollution, and generate a sustainable economy. It is not necessarily only about price, or economic growth.

The criteria might be:
a) greenhouse gas emissions involved in transporting produce over long distances, whether by air, sea, or train/truck.
b) impact on local agriculture and economy of both the destination, and producing country.

Those involved include the supermarkets, wholesalers, importers/exporters, farmers and co-operatives in the producing countries, and both governments.

As you may be aware, in a UK supermarket sixty per cent of the produce is imported, potatoes from India, tomatoes from Kenya, wheat from Canada, and so on. There is another country too which has been buying up large tracts of land around the world in order to produce its food requirements. In some cases this has displaced local farmers and affected local food supplies. Finally, in some countries, such as the UK, thirty per cent of the food is wasted. Food for thought indeed !

Thanks Csaj for evaluation, You are right I struggled with some good vocab related to this topic.

Thanks Da Nang!
I am really surprised how can I miss 'environmental hazard' point, I have a really good vocab to use for this topic. Thanks for the right direction! Highly Appreciate!

Some prefer online courses to study and they think it is better. Others prefer classroom education. Discuss both views and share your opinion.

These days, the popularity of digital learning is on the rise. While some support online education because of the comfort, I would favor those who believe that traditional education is of utmost importance for the overall development of learners.

The primary reason why some prefer online courses is that individuals can take courses from the comfort of their homes or other convenient places and they do not have to commute to schools or universities in their states or travel to different country for pursuing certain qualifications. This would not only save them huge sums of money but they could also save ample time to focus on other priorities of their lives. For example, the demand for online education sites like Udemy is growing rapidly primarily because of the convenience it is providing to students.

In my view, traditional classroom learning is superior for multiple reasons. First, it provides an opportunity for pupils to interact with their classmates and to discuss difficult subjects with their peers. Not only this, but they can also consult their teachers in case they need a detailed understanding of critical aspects of the curriculum like maths formulas, chemical reactions, physics principles etc. Second, learners could be able to develop presentation skill or communication skill as they mostly have to present their ideas on multiple occasions during lectures. Last but not least, classroom education helps students to become a good team member by providing them numerous chances to perform certain tasks in a group with other students.

In conclusion, although online learning is popular because of convenience, I think that traditional classroom education is better than digital education for all-around progress of students.

Science will soon make people live up to 100 or even 200 years. Some believe this is a good thing while others disagree. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

People seem to be either positive or negative about the future impact of an increase in life-expectancy of individuals. Personally, I can understand the two opposing points of view and I am both fascinated by the possible advancements in certain fields and apprehensive about its potential negative consequences in societies.

It would certainly be advantageous for various countries if scientists will live longer than now. This is because many great research studies have not been concluded due to the death of lead innovators in the middle of such studies. If they lived a few more years, human life would have changed for good because of their innovations. For example, the finding for the treatment of life-threatening HIV infection was almost completed, but because of the death of lead investigator Dr. Charles Poliquin, the research studies are not concluded yet.

On the other hand, I share the concerns of people who believe that there would be more harm than good for our societies. As the lifespan of individuals will increase, necessaries for certain human basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing would rise dramatically. As a consequence, people would not only have to spend extra money on acquiring these items, but they would also face suffering from scarcity of most common things for a living. This entire event would likely to raise the poverty rate or even criminal offenses in different countries. In 2017, for instance, the poverty rate in India raised by 5% as the number of Indians crossing 85 years of age had raised by 15% in the same fiscal year.

In conclusion, while the rise in the lifespan of important members of our societies such as researchers would undoubtedly improve human livings, the potential risks associated with this occurrence should not be overlooked.


1) "It would certainly be ....if scientists will live..." -> if scientists lived (second conditional).

Also: "As the lifespan of individuals will increase," -> increased

2) necessaries -> demand We are talking economics so the phrase is 'supply and demand'. "Necessaries" is used in the context of legal discussions around child support, payments from trusts for child maintenance, and the right of a spouse to use their partner's money to buy everyday household, food and clothing items. It does not include rent payments. https://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/necessaries

3) -> Under this scenario, the poverty and crime rate would rise ...

4) -> the poverty rate in India rose by 5% (rise/rose/risen is intransitive: raise/d is transitive and causitive in meaning; only a few verbs in English make this distinction: fall/fell; sit/set)

5) "human livings" -> living standards; the quality of human life

Comment: some turtles live for 250 years ! We would take a different view of pollution, lifelong marriage, and global warming if we did too !


"I would favor those who believe" -> I believe that/ I agree that ....
This is what the British Council model answer uses. Simple and direct statement of your position.

Online education tends to be cheaper. Imagine if government closed all secondary schools and made the students work online instead: how much money the government would save on teachers, buildings and so on.


Highly appreciate, amazing inputs!

Completely agree that governments would save on teachers but at the same time, the authority would not get tax from teachers and maybe a government has to spend extra for jobless citizens.
(This both points could be good opposing arguments)


You have a spare room in your flat or apartment and you want to rent it to a student. Write a letter to the director of the accommodation office at the local college. In your letter:
- Explain where your apartment is
- Describe the room
- What kind of person would you like to rent it to

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to inform you that my family recently decided to give an extra room in our apartment on rent to a female student and thus I seek your help in finding a suitable tenant.

The complete address of my apartment is C-11, Takshasila Part-18, Nizampura, Vadodara. Pin Code 380007. My flat is only 2 kilometers away from a local college and is located in one of the quietest areas in our city.

The room, which is currently available for rent, is quite spacious and semi-furnished with attached independent bathroom. It also contains a master bed and a large cupboard. The beautiful thing about the room is it contains a huge glass window from which one can see the sunrise and the sunset every day.

As mentioned above, I am exclusively looking for a female student who has no habit of smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Not only this, she should be willing to take the ownership of maintaining cleanliness, tidiness and calm atmosphere in the room.

Please let me know ASAP if you know one who needs a room on rent and ready to meet my above criteria. I await your prompt response!

Yours faithfully
Vishaal Patel


"decided to give an extra room in our apartment on rent to a female student " -> let out an extra room to a female student
OR make an extra room available to rent for a female student

"from a local college " -> from the local college

"with attached independent bathroom" -> with an ensuite (bathroom).

" one can see the sunrise and the sunset every day" ?? Where I am, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, which would make one window difficult.

"I am exclusively looking for a female student who has no habit of smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages."-> The room is only available to a non-smoker who does not drink.

"she should be willing to take the ownership of " -> she would be responsible for ...

" ASAP if you know one who needs a room on rent and ready to meet my above criteria" -> as soon as possible if you have a suitable tenant/applicant.

Do not use exclamation marks to give orders.

Thanks Cara, Highly appreciate your response!

Can I use "Putting two and two together" which is an idiom for To summarize or to conclude?


No, don't use that. The style of that idiom isn't right for an essay - it's more of a spoken, colloquial phrase.

Hi Simon,

Form which site I can get essay for 7-8 bands vocabs for ielts practice.


From this site, and from my ebook!

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