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June 19, 2019


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Hi Simon,

I am writing to ask whether I can have access to these lesson videos permanently? As I may want to store this video for future study.

Best regard,

Hi Tinana,

Yes, you'll have permanent access!

Dear sir,

I have paid for the writing course and I am looking forward to learn it

I wonder when I can receive the materials.

Best wishes

Hi Winnie,

I'm just about to check my emails, so I'll send them in a few minutes.


Have you received my email?

Hi Simon,

I haven’t received your email yet.


Please email me: ieltssimon@gmail.com

Maybe there was a mistake in your email address, or some other delivery problem.


Now I have received your Email,thank you so much .

Hi Simon,

Thanks a lot for replying my message.

I will purchase this course later and hopefully I can absorb some essence from your lesson.

Best regards,

Hi Simon,

I just wonder does this course contain one chance to check my own essay and get some feedback from you?

Zehui Li

Hi Simon,

I have done the payment and hopefully can receive your confirmation ASAP.

Best regards,


Hi Simon,

I've just done the payment, and I'm looking forward to your reply.

Zehui Li

Tinana and Zehui,

I hope you received the course package ok.

Hi Simon,

I would like to know what is the difference between this and your writing video courses.


Dear Simon,
Are these lessons different from the previous ones? I mean is there any new updates?

Hi Simon,

I have paid for the course and I am looking forward to the material.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Shanshan Zhang

Hi Simon,

Just finished the payment. Wondering when will I receive the materials?

Thank you.


Hi Simon, is it true that examiners tend to give lower score to Chinese mainland candidates? So many candidates said so, and do you think if it is necessary to take the exam outside China?

Hi Simon,

Just finished my payment, look forward to taking the courses.


Hi Simon,

I just made the payment to writing course and wrote an e-mail to you.

I am not sure how to log in the video course, please advice.

Thank you


Hi Simon

I got the e-mail.

Thanks a lot!


Taylor and Eli,

The 7-day course is very different from my other video lessons because it focuses on something that I've never explained properly before: the scoring system.

My other video course gives you step-by-step lessons for all parts of the test, whereas the 7-day course shows you how examiners use the band descriptors to score essays. I explain how we can use the band descriptors as a 'tool' to improve essay writing.


If you paid for the course, you'll receive an email from me the same day (within 24 hours). Just email me if you don't hear from me (ieltssimon@gmail.com).



Those rumours are not true. I hear the same thing about different cities here in the UK e.g. "People say that the Manchester test centre is stricter than the Liverpool test centre" - another rumour that is untrue!

Just ignore everyone else, and prepare yourself properly!

Dear Simon,

I'm thinking about taking your course but I'm not sure about the content you offfer.

Does this course include not only getting an understanding of the structure of IELTS but also giving insights how to tackle IELTS ( e.g. how to outline and write and get a good score)

Many thanks,

Hi Yuichi,

The course described above is about the scoring system for writing task 2.

It sounds like you want a full course about how to tackle all aspects of the test. I think you would find my other video course more suitable - it takes you step by step through everything you need. Here's the link:


Hi, Simon. I already submitted the fee. I am looking forward to receiving the materials.

Best Regards,

I have no credit card.How i can pay money any sourc,tell me sir

Hi Simon,

If the marks for the four criteria are TR7, CC6, LR7, GRE7, what 's the overall band score for task 2? 7 or 6.5? Thanks.

Dear Simon,

I have been really interested in your video courses.

Could tell me the difference between your "7-day IELTS writing course" and "All writing task 2 lessons"?

I'm planning to purchase 1 of these 2 courses, but not really sure which one would suit me best.

Thank you.


I think you emailed me about this. Hope you received my reply.

Hi Simon

I have purchased the course. Can you send me the materials?

BR Yue

Does this course cover only writing task 1 or both 1 and 2?


It's for writing task 2 only. However, the scoring system is very similar for both tasks, so the lessons will help you to understand how the writing test is marked.

The main idea of the course is to show you how to use the band descriptors as a 'tool' to improve your writing.

Dear Simon,

Thank you so much for the reply.
I've bought full IELTS video online course 2 days ago but it doesn't seem to be getting a reply yet. I'm just wondering when I can enroll the class.
I send you my e-mail address just in case.

Best wishes,

your curse is very good


Can you check your spam? Just email me if the password email isn't there.

Hi Simon,
Can you please guide me about someone who can help me to prepare with the grammar part ? My main problem is creating " error free sentences"
any email or skype contact would be appreciated.
Have a nice day !

Hi Simon,
I paid for your 7-day Ielts writing course 24h ago and I haven't received your email yet. I guess there is something wrong, please help me with that.Thank you in advance.


Did you receive it? If not, just email me: ieltssimon@gmail.com

Hi Simon,

I need to achieve atleast 7.5 in writing.

Is the content atleast sufficient in achieving this?

Also, do you have similar material for task 1?

Thank you.

Ott Kandus,

Yes, I explain all band levels, up to 9.

I'm publishing similar lessons for writing task 1 on my member website at the moment. Here's the link if you want to join:


Hi Simon,

I purchased your 7-day Ielts writing course and I haven't received your email yet. What should I do now?

Thank you.

Hi Lawrence,

I've just sent the materials, but please check your spam folder if you don't see my message in your inbox. Just email me if you have any problems: ieltssimon@gmail.com

dear Simon

It seems to me that the phrase "parents of children who attend private schools" is ambiguous. Is that really so?

Hi Simon. I hope you are doing well. Is this course still available, so that I can purchase it?

Is this course still available?

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