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June 22, 2019


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got it, but can anybody give an example to show how to do it?

There're many many examples in Simon Sir's essays. Just have to look for them. Examples usually starts with for instance, for example, such as and like.

Lets take an example from speaking part 1.
What kind of food do you like ?
strategy : General to specific
This strategy involves giving a general reason
for your answer, and then explaining it more
specifically, and even giving an example as follows :
Well, I'd have to say that I'm a big fan of seafood. In particular, I really like to eat Japanese seafood because it's always so fresh.For instance,sashimi,is delicious because the raw fish is so flavorsome.

general = seafood
specific = Japanese seafood.
example= sashimi

I think same strategy can be applied in writing also.
-Write general TOPIC SENTENCE.
-Explain that idea in more specific way.
-Example: give specific example or use quantitative language rather than qualitative whenever possible.

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Hello sir,
Tomorrow is my exam
I would like to know that how can we move general to specific in detail can we use personal examples? Isn't it informal?

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