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June 25, 2019


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Thanks you much indeed sir

it is good idea to learn English with song.
There is couple of video on you tube to watch lyrics lesson about enunciation and shaping of the words.For this, learn accent reduction, learn pronunciation of vowels and consonants , diphthongs. learn where to pronounce 'voiced letters' or 'voiceless letters'.Pay attention to sound of th,r,l, t, d ,z and 'schwa' sound.In songs, we learn daily natural expression, phrases and idioms that help in forming our sentence as well as speaking.However, speaking is not the same as singing.we find much variation what is written the lyrics on the paper and what is hear in the song.Lots of technique of contraction of vowel and consonants are applied.Most of the time native speaker, use connective speech.So, we did not understand most of the speech of the native speakers.Therefore,we should have knowledge of how the connected speech works when speaker speaks fast.It is good idea to learn song by reducing the speed by less than normal first ,say, 0.75, then normal and high ,1.25.Use sentence of the song by some fill up gap exercise like articles,missing words.


You know some "cut and paste" job really well. Congtatz

Hi Simon

Is there technique for Section 2/3 matching questions?

Thanks Vishaal.

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