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June 07, 2019


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you are the best teacher that I've ever seen!

I agree and second it. Mr. Simon sir is best teacher

Could anyone helps me :
Is the speaking part 3 continuation of the part 2 ?

1) Saying something in another way:
What I'm trying to say is...
In other words...
To put it another way...
What I mean is...
Perhaps I should make that clearer by saying...
2)Agreeing with an opinion:
Yes, I agree...
That's my view exactly.
I would tend to agree with that.
I couldn't agree more.
3)Disagreeing with an opinion:
No, I disagree.
I'm afraid I disagree.
I see things rather differently myself.
I wouldn't say that is necessarily true.
I tend to disagree.
I'm not so sure about that.
4)Partially agreeing with an opinion
I don't entirely agree. It is true that......however...
That is partly true, but...
I agree with that to an extent. However...
5)Getting asked an opinion (by the examiner):
What do you think?
What's your view / opinion?
What are your views on...?
How do you feel about...?
6)Saying your opinion could vary according to the situation:
That depends...
I think it really depends...
That depends on how you look at it.
7)Asking for clarification (part 3 only):
Could you please explain what ...(word)... means?
Sorry, I don't understand the question. Could you explain?
Sorry, I'm afraid I didn't understand the question.
Sorry, can I just clarify what you mean. Are you asking me ...(say what you believe you have been asked)...
7) Asking for repetition
Sorry, would you mind repeating the question?
Sorry, I didn't quite catch that. Could you repeat the question?

8) Summing up:So all in all...
To sum up...
To conclude...

For me at least speaking section was dependent on the examiner and the questions.

I had a pleasant lady and I talked about critical thinking, fame and influence, and expertise, for which I had clear opinions and I was able to engage in a discussion, mostly one sided may be. So only downside I had was grammar and fluency.
But if I was asked something I hadn't had a view things would been very difficult.


Thanks for the useful expressions. I made some sentences. Please check.

1) What I’m trying to say is sorry, I didn’t understand the question.
2) To put it another way I’m afraid I disagree.
3) What do you think to sum up?
4) Would you mind repeating the question I tend to disagree.
5) Sorry I didn’t understand that but I wouldn’t say that is partly true.

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