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June 16, 2019


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Our habit is just read all stuffs from internet or this blog and we understand most of the information.But we never use our own sentence which should be created by our self, should be interesting, visualizing, quantitative rather than qualitative and include our self.Even it would be better if we use it in the context of IELTS topics or subtopics which are more than 200 in writing as well as in speaking.
Moreover, I have a question.How can we remember most of the information while reading the IELTS passage because most of us understand the information but can not retain all the information in the mind/head.If this can be improved then answering the questions would be easy because we do not have to go back and forth for each and every questions.Also, it would be more confident for answering the questions.

I am amazing that I can write much as I wrote in my previous post.

Hello Simon,

I am going to take General IELTS training, and I have a question about the Reading section.

I would like to ask you that should I just practice general reading tests or should I try academics test too?

I know that both tests contain different types of reading information.

Any suggestion?


Dear Simon,

You are right with the mentioned statement, I find it difficult to remember the sentence and rewrite it. Sometimes I can try to remember the main idea of sentence and write it down on my own, but I really scared that I have mistakes in grammar, structure of sentences, ...
Could you please give us some advice to improve the confidence in writing without hesitating and making mistakes.
Thank you in advance. Have a good week!

Hello Simon,sorry it's off topic but I need help with this reading question
T/F/NG. Kindly answer and with reason.

Q: The banana is the oldest known fruit.

Para: The banana is among the world's oldest crops.


Practicing the Academic reading test as well is helpful, provided you recognize that the question types and reading material may be somewhat different. It's all grist to the mill.

Rihab shili

Certainly the banana is among the world's oldest fruit/crops. The question is whether "fruit" is the same as "crops". "Crops" generally refers to agricultural plants that are intentionally planted; whereas 'fruit' might encompass naturally growing plants where the fruit is just gathered. That is 'fruit' might go back to the 'hunter-gatherer' period, while 'crops' firmly suggests a later agricultural period. Quite whether the reading is making that distinction or not is not clear without the full context. So I cannot tell what the answer should be.

Some companies have uniforms for their staff which must be worn at all times.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your own opinion.

A number of organizations mandate their employees to follow certain dress code regularly. While this rule is advantageous in terms of motivating their staff, I would argue that the disadvantage of its misuse is more significant.

The primary benefit of making uniform compulsory is that companies can encourage their working people. This happens when other people in their area start recognizing as well as respecting them due to their uniforms, and this really makes them feel proud of their firms. For example, the multinational pharmaceutical firm, named Mylan, which is reputed for the specialty drug products, has been following the blue dress code for ages, and because of this, all other pharma companies in India give immense respect to its employees. But, I think this is true only for those employees who work in the companies which hold a good market reputation.

However, the major drawback of following particular dress code is that some people can take benefit of it for their personal gains. That is to say, many uniforms give certain power to the people who wear them, which means that they often get a kind of liberty to do some activities which are illegal, unethical and harmful to people. In 2018, for instance, many policemen in my city had found to be involved in forcing innocent people to give them large sums of money for nothing by abusing their authority. In my view, this is a significant risk to society and a government as well as companies should think twice before allowing their officers or workers to wear a particular uniform.

In conclusion, despite the fact that mandatory dress code in the workplace is beneficial for inspiring working people, I strongly believe that such a practice is often disadvantageous as some people can use the power associated with their uniforms for their own benefits by putting others in suffering conditions.


-> follow a certain dress code
-> following a particular dress code
-> can make use of it for their own personal benefit
-> give a certain power
-> many policemen in my city were found to be involved in
"extorting money from people" ??
-> to society and a government
-> as well as to companies, who should ....
"mandatory dress code in the workplace is beneficial for inspiring working people": over-generalization. It depends on how well the company is respected and whether the uniform inspires each and every individual employee. -> is often beneficial
So what is your final position? Do the disadvantages outweigh the benefits?

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