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July 06, 2019


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Hi simon i discovered you today and i wanted you to see my writing urgently
Dear Editor,
I read your travel writing and wanted to say you some informations is not correct. You said that “ In transport of the city people dont prefer to get on subway because of its expensive and vicious.” But it is incorrect. In the town so many people prefer getting on subway to getting another vehicles of transport.
I tought that you must fix it. When the tourists who want to come the town, read that magazine , may not want to come because of that news. The number of tourist is so important to earn foreign currency for the town. Please get it fixed.
You should say your readers next time. I had written that information before but it was not correct. Because i learned now that transport system of subway was under maintance work. For this stituation many people prefer to get on the other vehicles. metropolitan mayorwill have the problem eliminated in next month.

hi simon,
i gave my exam on 29 june, but in the starting of task 1 ,i wrote a wrong word, comprise instead of apprise, how many marks i m gonna lose for the wrong word ?

In IELTS topics, we see many phrases using conjunction, whether we should discuss them together or in separate paragraphs?
for example, in this essay topic,
Many people today prefer to eat locally produced food. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh disadvantages for the environment and economy?
should students in each paragraph talk about environment and economy?

in this one,
More and more business meetings and business training have taken place on the Internet. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

should students in each paragraph talk about business meetings and training?

Dear editor,
I wish to bring to your notice an error I observed in your article about the annual Benin Igue festival.
In your piece, you stated that the Igue festival holds on the 24th of December every year, on the contrary, the event does not have a fixed date, as the King consults his council before the dates are fixed. Generally though, the event holds between 21st and 28th of December every year.
I am very particular about correcting this error as I know that a lot of tourists travel down yearly to attend this festival and a wrong date on a popular magazine like yours could mislead them when planning their vacations.
I therefore suggest that a correction should be made on every monthly issue of the magazine between now and December, so that people can plan appropriately.
Thanks for all the awesome work you do in your magazine, it's a personal favourite of mine.


The descriptor for Band 7 (Task Achievement) states: "addresses all parts of the task". It does not specify exactly how and where, or in which paragraph. The only restriction is to present a clear central topic within each paragraph. Exactly how you achieve this is up to you.

In the example questions given, one would need to address both the advantages and disadvantages of both items (eg environment & economy).

Dear editor,

The purpose of this letter is to address some incorrect information about Beartown.

The article called "The auroras of Beartown" contains numerous wrong data. First, the date of the festival is not on the 5th of March but the 25th. Second, the auroras of Beartown are not green but purple.

These mistakes can have a negative impact on the economy of our little town. We are a little town hidden in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with a little less than ten thousand people and most of our inhabitants work in the tourism industry. Hardworking people and families could lose their jobs due to misinformation and be forced to abandon the town.

For these reasons, I ask you to correct this article and be reposted for your next magazine. Fortunately, we still have two months before the festival and these mistakes can be corrected.

Yours faithfully,
John Smith


"the Igue festival holds" -> the Igue festival is held

"every year, on the contrary, the event ...": run-on sentence.

"Thanks for all the awesome work you do in your magazine, it's a personal ": same issue.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to draw your attention to the typographical error in the latest edition of your travel magazine called Global Tourism.

In the July edition of the magazine, I have observed that the date indicated for the Kite Festival June 14th of 2020, which is going to happen in my city called Ahmedabad, is incorrect. The correct date is January 14th of 2020, I have confirmed this with the organizer of the event.

It is vital to mention the correct information in the magazine as many international tourists prefer to attend such events in India. There were a huge number of visitors from overseas countries who not only attended but also enjoyed Kite Festival of 2019. This means that such a minor mistake can ruin their future plans.

I would suggest that you should convey the correct date as an important notice in the August edition so that each reader will become aware of the true date and accordingly plan to visit the event in case they are interested. Also, you should ensure to avoid such errors in the future by thoroughly reviewing the information before giving it for publication.

Kind regards,
John Miller

Dear Lonely Planet,
I'm writing to correct a information about Panda in your article posted last Sunday .In your article ,you said wild panda distribute in Northeast China. In fact, wild panda live in Southwest China, to be more precisely ,they live in Sichuan province.

I think it's important for tourists from other country to make sure this information, otherwise,the tourists from other country plan to visit panda would flight to a place irrelevant with panda ,even though there are many wild animals live in northeast China,such as tigers and red-crowned cranes.

To avoid this kind of things happen again, I suggest you employ staff from all over the world , especially the people from hot travel destination.Because native well know about their country.On the other hand, it's necessary to double check articles before post.

I'm a big fan of your magazine. Thanks for your great articles.

Best regard!
Jayden Z

Jayden Z

In English, "information" is uncountable, so it cannot be preceded by the article "a" or "an".

Re: "about Panda"; "to visit panda": "panda" is a countable noun and therefore should have an article or similar in the singular; for instance: "the panda is a shy creature, not used to being in contact with other animals, particularly humans." Alternatively, use the plural: There were teddy bears and pandas seemingly fighting for a place in an armchair.

Punctuation is followed by a space: "... Sunday. In your article, you said ...". Band 7: "has good control of grammar and punctuation but may make a few errors".

Re: " wild panda distribute": https://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/be-distributed

Re "from other country": again, this noun is countable and needs an article in the singular.

Re: "to make sure this information": to correct this information?

Re: ".. sure this information, otherwise,the tourists f...": run-on sentence.

Re: "the tourists from other country plan" -> (international) tourists' plans

The verb is "fly", past = "flight".

-> "there are many wild animals living in northeast ...

-> To avoid this kind of thing happening again, ...

Re: "the people from hot travel destination": articles/singular/plural.

Re: "before post": prepositions require a gerund.

Re: "Best regard!": usually plural, and without an exclamation mark.

Dear Sir or Madam,

The purpose of this letter is to point out a potential error made in the Fox Traveler magazine's edition of June 2019, how it can affect the readers, and a possible action that can be taken to reverse it.

An article about Blacktown, which included details about upcoming events in September 2019, also suggests that this place is about 250 Miles away from the nearest airport, which in reality is 350 Miles.

Although it appears to be a typographical error, it can cause a great deal of confusion to the tourists, who are planning to visit here to attend these events. Most of them would be flying from different locations and plan their journey, keeping the distance from the airport to Blacktown in mind. Due to its terrain, this distance is time-consuming; thus, this unaccounted difference in miles can delay their arrival considerably, and this road is not suitable to drive during night time.

In my opinion, for the best interest of its audience, the magazine must respond to this situation immediately. It would be best to publish a special note about it in the July 2019 edition, which is due next week. With my little experience, I think this would be the best way to notify people about the error so that they can rejig their plans.

Yours Faithfully,
Mike Brown

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing with regard to the wrong date of Quy Nhon Beach festival which was written on the first page of your magazine last week.

It came to my attention that the article on your magazine provided the incorrect festival date which was during the first week of May. Indeed, Quy Nhon Beach festival will be held during the first week of June annually and it is one of the annual biggest events of my hometown.

As far as I know, your magazine is well-known for providing helpful travelling tips and holiday packages for local tourists. The wrong date on the article will lead to the incorrect travelling plan for potential tourists. They may book flight tickets and accommodations a month earlier. The facilities and festival performance will not be well-prepared by then. As a result, the visitors will leave the town with disappointment.
I would suggest that your magazine should publish an article to correct the date and apologize to the organizers and the readers. Simultaneously, you may consider a compensation for the event holders by offering them free advertisement of the festival on your magazine.

Thanks for your consideration.

Yours Faithfully,


Dear Sir

With due respect

I am writing to inform you that incorrect information which you had mentioned in your article on 9 July.

At on onset,I would thanks to you that you published a article which is related our Regina town. However there are some mistakes in your article. first of all, you said that current population of this town is one thousand.But right now population of this town is above ten thousand. secondly you said that weather always of this town is rainy, while i think that climate of Regina town is cold without rain

Moreover, I know that your magazine is world popular and provide the information to tourists where they want to travel globally. But this incorrect information may negative impact on readers towards your magazine.They may plan their trip in bad weather as well as bring unnecessary items.
I think you should better write a new article and add new information about my city, and at meanwhile correct your mistakes.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours faithfully,
John miller

Sunil Narula

"a potential error": either there is an error or not. "Potential" suggests it has not quite happened as yet.

"Miles" does not capitalizing.

"it can cause": "could" or "might", as the situation is hypothetical at this stage.

"...tourists, who...": no comma where the relative clause defines or restricts the meaning.

"..thus, this unaccounted difference in miles can delay their arrival considerably...": again -> could/might. Also, "unaccounted" does not seem to fit the context -> misstated mileage/distance.

"audience" -> readers.

"publish an article to correct " -> publish a correction

"a compensation": uncountable in this sense.

"free advertisement" -> some free advertising

->in your magazine.

"Thanks" is slightly informal, and sounds a bit odd juxtaposed with "consideration". -> Thank you for your (kind) consideration (of this matter).

If the letter begins formally, and ends formally, then I would expect the writers name in full, including the family name.

Correction: writer's name
does not need capitalizing.

nitish garg

"With due respect": so far as I am aware, this phrase is not used in this way at the beginning of letters. There is no need in British culture on routine business communications.

-> I am writing to inform you of incorrect information included in your article on 9 July. (Which article?)

The noun "onset" usually refers to an adverse event. Compare "outset". https://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/onset

-> To begin with, ...

-> I would like to thank you for publishing an article ...

Punctuation/capitalization errors:
article. first
i think
thousand. secondly
Regina town is cold without rain
John miller

But right now [missing article] population
... [missing article] weather
... [missing article] climate

-> popular worldwide

your magazine ... provide (subject/verb agreement).

-> may have [missing article] negative impact

-> you should better: "had better" is informal.

at meanwhile -> at the same time

@ Kata

Can you please assess my letter? Thanks!

...attention to [a (It's not been mentioned before)] typographical [Why typographical? That would mean it was a typing or editing error: perhaps it was misinformation. ] error in ....

In the July edition of the magazine, I have observed [Present perfect is rarely used with a specific point in time. It usually refers to an unidentified point in an unfinished period.-> Past simple.] that the date indicated for the Kite Festival [Missing comma.] June 14th of 2020, which is going to happen [taking place] in my city called Ahmedabad [Why not just "in Ahmedabad" instead of the whole relative clause? ], is incorrect. The correct date is January 14th of [The "of" is not normally written in dates. Either use American order with a comma: January 14, 2020 (spoken: January fourteen twenty-twenty)
OR British style: 14th January 2020 (spoken as the fourteenth of January twenty-twenty.)
] 2020, [Run-on sentence.] I have confirmed this with the organizer of the event.

It is vital to mention the correct information in the magazine [The editor probably knows this already. ] as many international tourists prefer [In preference to what exactly? Why not "are interested in attending ..."] to attend such events in India. There were a huge number of visitors from overseas countries who not only attended but also enjoyed [Probably need a definite article here as we have qualified the noun with "of..." ] Kite Festival of 2019. This means that such a minor mistake can [-> could (hypothetical) ] ruin their future [All plans are about the future, so "future" is redundant. The only meaning for "future plans" would be plans that will be made in the future. Is this what you meant? ] plans.

I would suggest that you should convey the correct date [-> print a correction] as an important notice in the August edition so that each reader will become aware of the true date and accordingly plan to visit the event in case [-> if ] they are interested. Also, you should ensure to avoid [ensure such errors are avoided ] such errors in the future by thoroughly reviewing the information before giving it [approving it] for publication.

Vishaal, I've been a bit picky.

Dear editor,

I am writing concerning June issue of the magazine “Adventures around the world”. Being your regular reader, I always was satisfied with the content of it. However, in the issue mentioned above I have found a mistake according to The Apple festival, which is going to be conducted in my home city Almaty in August from 5 to 21. Unfortunately, a wrong date of the festival (from 22 to 31 of August) is printed in the article describing the celebration.

Thus, it will definitely have the negative effect on local tourism and sales as tourists will arrive when everything will be over. It goes without saying that foreigners may be frustrated about missing the festival as it is colorful and appealing due to the fact that “Apport” is one of the best sorts of apples in Central Asia. As well as the owners of local accommodation may be disappointed and will lost their profit because of the lack of tourists during the festival.

Could you please publish correct information in the July issue of the magazine? I think it will be useful, especially if you put a special note that it is a correction of the previous misleading information.

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation,

Yours sincerely,
Maria Vlassova

@Kata - Your feedback is really helpful and I appreciate that. You have mentioned to someone that writer's name does not need capitalizing. Are you suggesting that even if it is a formal letter, we should not do that as I have done?

Sunil Narula

No, just correcting my own comments.

"Miles" does not need capitalizing:
-> 250 miles away ....which in reality is 350 miles.

...then I would expect the writer's name in full, ....

Dear Simon,

Can you please give your feedback on the below letter? I would really appreciate this.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to draw your attention towards an article published in the July edition of your esteemed magazine. The article which was regarding "festivals of Lahore" contains month and date related error. The correct month and date of the Basant Festival is between 15th till 20th Feb every year, and not 10th-15 Jan.

My city is mostly dependent on income generated through tourism activities, and Basant Festival attracts approx. 1 million tourists alone in the month of Feb. Therefore, such misinformation will impact negatively on the incomes of people attached to the tourism industry, if not rectified immediately.

Since this festival is 07 months away we still have time to rectify this mistake. I would suggest printing the corrected article in the month of August with an apology, and another article a month before the festival.

I am confident that my request will be accepted and corrections will be made in due course.

Thank you so much for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Farrukh Zaman


-> being a regular reader

-> I have always been satisfied with the content.

-> a mistake according relating to The Apple festival,

"in August from 5 to 21." (American style) -> from August 5 through August 21 OR (British)_> from 5th to 21st August


-> This will definitely have the a negative effect

-> when everything will be is over (Present simple is normal when referring to the future in subordinate clauses of time and conditionals)

-> As well as Also, the owners of local accommodation may be

-> will lose

" correct information": missing article.

Farrukh Zaman Kayani

"contains [missing article] month and date related error"

"approx." : for exam purposes write this out in full.

"07"-> seven

"I am confident that .. course." This sentence would be unusual in British culture, a trifle pretentious, vainglorious, bumptious, and unlikely to secure the cooperation of the reader.

For exam purposes, if the letter begins "Dear Sir/Madam", then end with "yours faithfully".

Thanks, Gigi for your valuable comments.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apprise you about an incorrect information published in your international magazine of June month.

This year Global Art Exhibition in Perth, Australia will start from 11th to 20th December 2019 and your current month magazine has dates from 1st to 5th December 2019. Which are totally incorrect and would result in a huge lose to artists and their customers if those dates would not get corrected on time.

As you know, above dates play a significant role for the visitors who are planing to visit this event from the different cities of the world and it is, therefore, neccesery to update these dates with the accurate information so that visitors will get to know the updated dates on time and would get enough time to alter or get their bookings done. Otherwise, this small mistake would not only ruin the excitement of the guests but also the faith of your customer in your magazines.

I would like to suggest that your company should publish the new dates on the upcoming magazine again, which will be rolled out within couple of days and same should be flashed on your website's front page so that online as well as offline users will get the right information at earliest and plan accordingly.

I am looking forward to see above changes in print media and online in the next version.

Yours faithfully,
Jonny Bristow


Re "December 2019. Which ....": this type of "which" clause should be joined to the previous sentence with a comma.

Re "a huge lose": "lose" is a verb; the noun is 'loss'.

[missing article] above dates

"neccesery": spelling

"the faith of your customer ": pluralize 'customer' ?

same -> the same

-> at the earliest

"I am looking forward to seeing the above changes ..."

Thank you so much Gigi for the feedback! I'll definitely work on my weakness.

Dear Editor,

I read an article in your travel magazine's June edition about my town 'Bathinda'. The town has been erroneously described as being accessible only by road. I would like to update you that an airport is in operation since last year, with connectivity to all major metropolitans.

Incorrect or outdated information could lead to dip in tourism for a particular place, thereby depriving the locals of economic gains. Also, it makes the stay of travellers problematic.

Therefore, i suggest you to put the latest information about the town in the next edition by highlighting it.

Thanking you,
Ravdeep Singh


"an airport is in operation since last year": a perfect tense is used with 'since'.

"i suggest": capitalization ?

"publish a correction" would be the normal phrase in this situation.

Dear Sir or Madam,
Recently, I have read a nice article from your magazine about my hometown, Qingdao. However, I think there are few mistakes in your article.
In your magazine, you introduced Qingdao’s history, local attractions and popular restaurants. You also mentioned that Qingdao’s name means a green island. Actually, the name “Qingdao” is coming from a Chinese traditional music instrument – Qin. There is a beautiful story about Qin. Thousands of years ago, a god who is good at playing Qin visit a small village. He loved the village so much and sent his Qin as a gift to the people. Therefore, the village got a new name, Qingdao, which means an island of Qin. In my hometown, people love music so much and there are a lot of great musicians coming from my town. We also have a museum for Qin and other local traditional music instruments. Music is part of our culture.
I believe readers would like to read not just a brief introduction of a city, but also to know more about its culture. It is a good point to introduce Qingdao’s music culture starting from its name. I suggest you may punish a correction next month and let people receive accurate information about Qingdao.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Your sincerely,

Da Nang

Thanks for your review of my letter.

Please clarify two things-

1. 'an airport is in operation since' . Should this sentence be like 'an airport has been in operation since'?

2. ['i suggest': capitalisation ] i didn't understand your point.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to let you know a few incorrect information about Shanghai that I found in your International Travel Magazine issued in July.

There are three errors that I spotted in the article with the title of "Traveling Shanghai". The landmark sitting in the middle of business district - Lu Jia Zui - is called "Oriental Pearl" instead of "Orient Pearl". Secondly, it mentions that travelers can take the metro line 5 to transit from the Pudong International Airport to Oriental Pearl, which however is incorrect. The correct line should be the metro line 2. Lastly, at the Lu Jia Zui stop, the exit 5 (not exit 4) is the right exit for people who want to visit the Oriental Pearl. The wrong information is misleading and actually points tourists to the opposite direction. Therefore, it is very important for you to correct the information to avoid any confusion and frustration caused by these mistakes.

I would like to suggest to send an email to all your readers immediately to explain the situation and update them the correct information. Meanwhile, for the same token, I would recommend to include a notice in the next issue in August.

I hope the issue can be fixed as soon as possible.

Yours Faithfully,

Lei Jiang

Dear Editor,
I am writing to you regarding an error in the Around The World magazine which was published on Jun 26th, 2019.
On the fifth page, I have realized that there was an article introducing the flower festival, which will be taken place on October 20th, and this activity will last within three days in HA DO village. As a member of operators for this event as well as the local inhabitant, I confidently say that the right date is November 20th while the given date is earlier one month, along with this show will prolong within seven days instead of three days following the article from the travel journal.
This mistake must be addressed promptly due to it’s important for the following primary reason. Amending to proper information helps avoid confusing oversea as well as local tourists in terms of itinerary such as accommodation, time and money; otherwise, it gives rise to being upset coupled with irritated for travelers, and hardly in convincing them to come back next times. As a result, it adversely affects local business economies.
In this case, the best solution for correction is broadcasting a new announcement in the next issue. In order to be professional or easing readers due to your mistake, however, you could describe more detail about the last Flower festival as well as propose some good recommendation in regard to hotels, restaurants, and relics where visitors should not miss while they are staying there.
Thank you for your kind attention. I hope you take my suggestion favourably.
Your faithfully,

Hi Simon,
I am going to draw your atttention about this article you wrote on the travel magazine related to global villages which is going to held in Dubai.The article was published on the date of July 29th 2019.

You wrote a lot of great information about this event but the mistake you did was you gave the wrong opening date. This year the event will run from 29th of October to April not 29th of December to April.

This event is very popular is in Dubai because if you cannot afford to travel and you are missing your home country stuff. You can get all of these things in one place. This en=vent is very important also because in United Arab Emirates there are several nationalist who lived together and they want to know about each other culture, tradition and food and People visit from all over the world to know about these things.

I am hoping you can see this event is very popular for locals and tourism. I would suggest you that please write another article with correct date so more people can attend this event.

Thank you for your time and i am really looking forward to see another article.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am reaching out to you regarding the article about Danang International Fireworks Festival which was published on August 15th, 2019. On the tenth page of the magazine, you stated that the festival will be held on April 30th, 2020. In fact, the event will be took place within one month period, beginning on April 1st and ending on April 30th of 2020.

As far as I know, the incorrect day of the festival could pose some drawbacks to both the tourists who plan to visit Danang City during the event and the local city's tourism. The former might book the wrong dates for flight tickets and hotel while the latter might suffer from unhappy tourists.

Therefore, I would like to suggest that you send an email to your subscribers as well as publish the correct information in the next three editions.

Thank you for your attention. I hope the issue will be fixed appropriately.

Yours faithfully,

Dear Sir or Madam
I am writing to let you know that I read your magazine last day and I noticed that your article which mentioned about our town have some mistakes. So I want to inform you about those incorrectness. Firstly our town’s beaches arent deep and havent stream therefore people can swim easily and safety in our seas.
Let me explain why is significant to give accurate information about our town. Kemer is a city frequented by tourists. Native peoples earn money through tourism revenues.Accordingly mispresentation of the city can cause damage to local peoples. On the other hand your magazine is an important source of information for tourists. SO they can be influenced by your writings and according to that plan their vocation.
Would you kindly change your article about our town and fix those mistakes. You can write a correction for do that. Also you can write a new article and introduce our town’s historical place and beaches.In additon you can take some knowledge from the tourists who visited our town.
Thank you for consideration.
Yours faithfully

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to complain about an article that published in your magazine and contained some incorrect information about my home town. This article published on fifth issue.
In this article, your journalist said that in December we will run a huge festival and during the festival, whole of the city will covered by red flags and the theme of the festival is red. Unfortunately, I must say that your information is incorrect. Indeed, the festival will be held on fourth of August and because the festival is about the nature and earth the theme of the festival is green.
For as much as your magazine is one of the most visited journals, this mistake can get the tourists in serious trouble. For instance, maybe some tourist after your article book hotel and flight in December for participate at the festival. Or tourists use the red custom for the festival that is totally wrong.
I would like to suggest you that please revise the article and publish the edited article in your new issue and explain about the incorrect information. Another solution would be to change your data gathering process. I believe, It would be great if your journalist gather the data from various resources. It can diminish these kind of mistakes.
I look forward to hearing more about my home town in your international magazine.
Your faithfully,

Dear Editor

I am writing this letter to bring to attention the significant error about Hong Kong mid-autumn festival in the recent article.First all of we know the rainbow magazine is the most famous relate travel in the world.But this mistake probably will lead to complain and the bad publicity therefore I hope could rectify this problem.In the article said the mid-autumn festival were not too popular in Hong Kong and not more celebrate activity in this moment.But the fact was when the mid-autumn was coming our city will hold much even to celebrate .Night market was one of the example .On the other hand mostly family will ate the mooncake together in that night .It is vital that to give accurate information to readers because if they thought it is a boring festival to miss it will be so pity.

I trust you will act quickly to correct the mistake.

Your faithfully .
Karson chan

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to bring to your kind attention on an important error in your recent article about Diwali Fair in New Delhi.

The mistake is associated with the dates and can lead to many confusions. It is mentioned many times in your article that Fair will take place from 16th November 2020 to 19th November 2020. Whereas, the actual date of the Fair is 16th and 17th November 2020.

Many adults and kids who look forward for these days are going to be disappointed who plan to visit on the last two days which is 18th and 19th November. This mistake could spoil the whole Diwali fun or family trip for many tourists and could lead to complaints and bad publicity for our City which is the Heart of India.

Request you to please correct the issue by publishing the accurate date in your next article and update the same on your website too. It is imperative that you provide an accurate information to readers who follow your travel advice.

Looking forward to hearing back once you update the correct information.

Yours Faithfully

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