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July 16, 2019


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Thank you very much.The advice is very useful.

Yes, sir thank you sir, your advise is your great!

Thank you.
You are the greatest advice giver when it comes to IELTS.

My frequent mistake in listening is that i split words e.g.i write news letter(inspite of newsletter) ,proof reading(inspite of proofreading) and wood side etc .can u hsuggest me sir ,how can i rectify them
If sb can help me plz

Sir, should we write 16th or 16 just because many time the Cambridge book key show only 16, why sir?

The British date style would be 16th July, spoken as "the sixteenth of July".

The American date style is "July 16", pronounced as "July sixteen".


All of these are correct:

July 16
16 July
16th July
July 16th

I don’t get why are you guys make everything hard. Simon gave us one simple professional advice about how to answer the listening question where asked for a date with one word and/or a number.
He italicized and bold the important part of instruction and mentioned a clear example as well.
Now, I see nonsense questions such as ‘can we use this’ or ‘what about that’ etc.. Instead of waste your time, simply take the advice and use it!


This is not a military regime, and this is how people learn - by asking questions. Students see different things in some official books and they just want some clarifications. If you are happy with just robots learning we have no question, allow others to learn. Learn and let Learn. - love and lie live

I do feel problem getting stuff on writing section on this site
I dont get it where is the stuff for beginners
Can somebody help me how to use this site effectively for writing part
Plz do share if u have some strategy upon this how do i start working on it

H Putha

Thanks for your comment.

I'm sorry for misunderstanding. Also I’m sorry for your tone. As I see, you don't get what I meant.
I’m here to improve my knowledge and also comment where I feel that might needed (similar to you), but not questioning about anything that come into my mind. Because some answers are completely clear or ask questions about the facts might cause confusion to others . Also, we must understand that Simon hasn’t time to answer any of our questions.
Also Questions similar this are nonsense; ‘Sir, in the official textbook comes that July 16 is the correct answer, why are you “ADVISING” the16th July?’.

By the way, l believe that TRUST is the first requirement to achieve your goal in any field. If you couldn’t trust to your instructor and you don’t have confidence about his answer is the best choice, then you are in trouble with your way to study. Also, If available textbooks and what have mentioned in resources were enough to succeed, why are we come here?

Finally, which of these 2 options is better and easier to remember for exam; When you think all of these (16th July, 16 July, July 16, July 16th) are correct or just you know that this one (16th July) is definitely the right answer?


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