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July 19, 2019


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So easy sir.Thank you

Hello Simon,

Hope you doing well.

I am preparing for IELTS General and since day one i am following your site, it is helping me a lot in term of technique and content for writing and speaking.

Today i am writing this comment because i came across one Speaking Cue Card Topic which confused me and i want you to give me some suggestion on the same, following is the speaking cue card.

"Talk about an organisation that is ideal for workers."

1) What is the name of the organisation?
2) How and what did you know about the organisation?
3) What product and services does that organisation offer?

Now my confusion is about a question no.3,

1) We should speak about organisation's product and services to their employee?
2) We should speak about organisation's product and services to general people?
3) We should speak about both?

I am sorry i don't know any other way i can put this question to you so i decided to write in the comment section.

I hope you will answer my question.



Where did you find this?

This is not a real IELTS Part 2 speaking topic. I have never seen something that says 'ideal for workers'.

Remember, you don't have to follow the questions under the topic. They are only 'suggestions'. As long as you talk about things related to the topic you cannot be penalised.


Thank you for your quick reply,
I came across this topic in one of the book i got from my institution, where i am taking IELTS coaching.

Well that explains it. It is a topic written by someone who does not work for IELTS and you will never get this topic in the test.

There is no right or wrong answer in speaking test.Only test how you produce the language which makes the criteria of band descriptor.

You can talk what facilities/benefits the workers get in that organisation.Because most of the organisation can not give all the facilities to their workers.
So, you should describe the employees get the opportunities of different types of training which helps to build their career.
You can also talk about medical insurance , social security fund,Employees provident fund, bonus, incentive, reward and recognition which they get.

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