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July 18, 2019


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Hello simon
Why city hospital is not written as City Hospital in description .I thought otwas the name of the hospital .
Plz tell

Thank you sir.

Hi Simon

Thank you so much for your great website.

Could you please give a quick description on the grammar of the following sentence which you used in one of the speaking sample answer?

I probably wasn’t as thoughtful or attentive as I should have been when I had to speak to customers.

Thank you


Thanks again, sir, very usefull

Dear Simon

Could you please give an example of how to write an "Overview" of process writing or cycle (life cycle or any other cycle like water) ONLY? I've seen your example of of life cycle and process of silk cloth production from cambridge book 6. Also I've seen your lesson on how to write an overview where you have mentioned that for process writing we can write the total number of stages and where the process begins and ends.But that example is of both process and cycle. I want to know the overview of single process writing or cycle .

Would you mind rating my essay!
The question:"The charts below show the results of a survey of adult education.The first chart shows the reasons why adults decide to study. The pie chart shows how people think the costs of adult education should be shared".
The two charts compare the survey results of adult education.The bar chart gives information about factors which caused adults' decision of gaining knowledge, and the pie chart illustrates people's opinions about charings of adult education payments.
It is clear that significantly more and more adults are deciding to study because of their interests in subjects they choose.We can also see that most people agree with the idea that Individuals should do much of the payments for adult students' courses.
According to the bar chart,20% of surveyed adults choose to study so that they can increase their chances of being promoted in jobs and for the enjoyment of learning as well. Very few adults say that they attend classes because they want to meet different types of people and they can be able to switch to other careers, with 9% and 12% accordingly. While 22% adults claim that studying is important for their existing jobs, 40% older people say that they don't want to miss the opportunity to learn their favourite subjects.
Looking at the pie chart, the survey participants think that 25% of the adult education costs should be covered by working people who pay taxes to the government.By contrast, it is also belived that employers should make a contribution, paying 35% of the payments.Finally,the survey results indicate that individual people could cover 40% of spendings for adult educaion.

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