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July 03, 2019


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Topic sentence for the first paragraph:
It is easily understandable that there will be some drawbacks in small family size because of less family support and as a result it will effect on children physical development.
Topic sentence for the second paragraph:
Alongside with the above disadvantages, families without or less support will Not benefit a close knit relationship amongst family members therefore affect to emotional children due to psychological effects of less human interaction.

To begin with I believe that there could be less support from other members of a family and undesirable effects felt by children of nuclear families

Apart from the above concerns, in my perspective, psychological effects of less human interaction could be worrying

Living alone or in a small family not only leads to have less support for family member, but also causes negative effects on children.

In addition to the above, It has some some psychological effects due to less human interactions.

The main drawback of the trend towards being in small family units is that there is less family support for children.

I also agree with the idea that there are some psychological effects of less human interaction on small-scale family sizes.

I also agree with the idea that there are some psychological effects of less human interaction on small family sizes.

In some countries, even though the rates of serious crimes are decreasing, people feel less safe than ever before.

What do you think are the causes of this problem and what measures could be taken to solve it?

In some nations, despite the drop in the rate of serious criminal offenses, many men and women are feeling lesser safety than in the past. The potential cause of this occurrence is the rise in air pollution, and the most viable solution is the public awareness campaign to warn people about the lethal effects of pollution on their health.

The major cause of people feeling the safety issue is that the level of carbon dioxide in the environment has been on the rise in recent times. That is to say, a huge number of people today prefer to travel by their personal vehicles which consume fossil fuels than public transport, such as buses, or trains. Due to this, a significant amount of carbon dioxide is being released in the atmosphere every day, and when people inhale such polluted air, they will be at a higher risk of getting certain respiratory diseases, namely asthma, in the less distant future. In India, for example, a greater number of people living in Delhi today suffer from lung-related issues due to the massive expansion of chemical industries in the past two years. However, a decade ago, such an issue was rare as fewer people could afford their own vehicles.

To tackle this issue, state authorities should launch educational programs or advertisements to educate people about the potential danger of making a lot of air pollution. If more people become aware of the harmful effects of inhaling polluted air, they would prefer not to use their personal cars or motorbikes for commuting to various places in their cities, and this would drastically reduce the carbon level in the air. In 2015, for instance, similar initiatives were taken by the State Government of Gujarat, and since then the carbon level in all cities, particularly in industrialized areas, of Gujarat has never reached above its permissible level in the environment.

In conclusion, the increase in the carbon dioxide in the air is the major cause why a large number of people feel less safe; however, this can be addressed by educating people about the future risks associated with the environmental pollution on their health.


An examiner might well think that you had prepared an essay on air pollution and simply tried to adapt it to the question, which scarcely relates to air pollution at all. There is some evidence of mental distress and impairment related to air pollution (as the links below suggest) but there is no suggestion that this causes a fear of crime, or being assaulted or mugged. Your essay fails to make the connection and therefore might only receive Band 3 or 4 for Task Response. Additionally, the premise that serious crime rates are decreasing has not been mentioned at all.





In households with the nuclear family model, there is always lack of family support, which will have undesirable effects on children.

Meanwhile, this lifestyle might also exert negative psychological influences on people due to less human interaction.

Topic sentence 1-People living in small families are less supported by their relatives and their children are affected adversely by this situation.
T.S. 2- Less social relationships bring some serious psychological problems.

Can anyone evaluate these sentences?

Education is a source of vast knowledge and resources. I believe that higher education is very important for people because it helps in several ways, it helps a person to have a good personality, provides knowledge and improve lifestyle.

The primary important point, education plays crucial role in the development of a person's personality.They get a lot of personality to model during study so they can change their personality for the better.Through out their academic studies they need to mingle with students from various backgrounds like someone is too rich but others were not and also some guys were excellent in studies at the same time there are students who are not doing well. so the mortals are willing to understand and help those students and they become more shared and caring. Higher education paves the way for brighter future with full of moral values.

The secondary important point is that higher studies help a student to get more knowledge about a particular subject they want to study and also the training under dedicated and qualified teachers will to find their potentials and make them excellent in that particular stream .As a repercussion to this they become outstanding in that field, they could attain their future with flying colours and they become a knowledgeable.

The tertiary important point is that they have an opportunity to get higher works in the society. sometimes universities offer more good jobs in through campus selection s, they are paid with higher salaries which help them to improve their lifestyle. For instance, a person who is well educated has an option to go to abroad from a rural area to change his current situation and to live in well developed urban areas.

To conclude, university education is a must for everyone because it has an ability to mould a person with good moral qualities, prove vast knowledge and help them to get bright future.

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First of all, living in a small unit family means that you or your child will receive less family support, it is likely to lead to many transparent drawbacks.

Besides, psychological effect which seams no less hazardous even more intangible, might leave long-term and unexpected consequences.

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