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August 05, 2019


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Sir, I have a habit of reading word by word.So, reading phrases by phrases seems difficult to understand because it is not easy to handle.Is this tested or proven technique? Also it is difficult to recognise which words should be taken as one phrase while reading.Can you say the words for SUBJECT , words with VERB and words with OBJECT can be read as phrases ? Sir can you help us how to manage time in reading? what are other techniques for efficient reading ? Can you say how the writer of the ielts reading passage has organised the text? I have seen very few writers have written as same as writing task 2 style while most of them have not written as task 2 style.Why is this sir? Finally , I request you to make lesson from Cam 14 .We expect much more from you.

Awesome Advice!

Thanks for this advice. I am the one who read too fast and miss the answers



Just excellent!!

Hi dear Simon.
Could you please explain what you mean by phrase by phrase-reading?
Where should we pause? I have problem with this.
Thank you.

Dear Simon, thank you so much for this useful lesson. I think I can do IELTS reading more effective now.

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