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August 02, 2019


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Impossible to product something such these, sir

Dear Simon,

Can we give examples from ourselves to explain our opinion? Whether it would be not convincing enough if we keep taking ourselves as an example?

Are there any advice for setting examples when we are responding the writing task or in speaking test?

Many thanks in advance!


Personally, I agree that might be hard to provide the similar given answers. However, I don’t believe that’s impossible. Undoubtedly, if you try to answer in the same way and practice as much as you can, you will do the same.

sir, this is my comments on your speaking answer.
1) direct answer with two points; engaging and interesting.We will find explanation of main points engaging and interesting in the response.Also example.
Grammar :wide range of tenses ;model verb, present simple, present progressive or continuous and past simple
Use of linkers : I think , In my opinion, By 'engaging' I mean that,
Use of adjective clause ; lots of that such as one that; mean that;feel that;new that;in a way that,
Lexical resources : feel involved ,earning something new,relevant to,a lot depends on ,delivers the content of,used to involve ,by making us teach
2. vocabulary : substitute for,more quickly,guidance of,when learning a language,books can't tell you
(PS.I advise do not use YOU in your answer because you are facing a stranger at first time who is an examiner,*** however one time use of YOU is enough)
We found contrast marker or coordinate conjunction such as 'but'and example .
3) Vocabulary: might become less common,study independently,rather than ,Maybe ,attend a lesson just once a week, rest of their time,following online courses


Thanks to your teacher for good response!
The problem is that he/she doesn’t know the recent speaking is answered by Simon and in the band level 9! Otherwise they might not made mistake about using “You”

I think Band 9 words and phrases in these answers are the followings
1st Answer:
Engaging/feel involved/sth new that is relevant to them/delivers the content of the lesson/involve students
2nd Answer:
Substitute for/guidence/go wrong
3rd Answer:
Attend a lesson/follow online courses

Can anyone help me give WORDS & PHRASES in this sample, please?

Can anyone help me show 'WORDS & PHRASES' in this sample, please?

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