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September 01, 2019


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it's good that you still enjoy what you do.

by the way,
Congratulations on your 10-year blog anniversary! May you and your blog live long!

oh, Simon. We would have been so heartbroken if you had eventually come to decision on pursuing the idea said before the marvelous "But" in the first sentence of paragraph two.:)
we appreciate your work.
wish you long teaching.
happy anniversary,

Hi Simon

Yeah, it's glad to hear that you are keeping blogging. Thank you very much for that. In the time to come, in return I will spend more time studying your lessons, and suggest you videos and articles I find fascinating then you can write free lessons using them.

By the way, hope that students the world over will be able to experience your new service soon.

Best regards,

I was recommended by my friend (Mohsen Keshmiri) whose in contact with you via email to visit your website and am shocked how good it is!
Thank you for your help.
Ehsan from Iran.

Congratulations on the 10-year anniversary of your blog, Simon.

Really, I love your lessons and particularly your tips and advice for English learners like me. They are just inspiring and can't be better. Whenever I feel stuck with my English study, I would reread your advice as to learning all four skills of the language and then my motivation to master the language would come back as a result. Your advice means a lot to me and I guess to many other learners out there.

One more thing I'd like to let you know I'm a big fan of your writing. Hopefully, I could copy your style as soon as possible.

Thanks for your sharing and teaching. May you good health and best of luck.

I look forward to your future lessons and I hope I can contribute something to your blog soon.


First of all congratulations on the 10-year anniversary of this blog. A good teacher is like an angel who shows the right direction to their students, and you are indeed an angel who is working selflessly to enlighten his pupil with the knowledge. Please keep on sharing your teachings with all of us. Thank you so much and God Bless You.

Mr Simon

"All good things come to an end", whispered my ex, as she left.

I guess there's a lesson there somewhere.

plz keep blogging

Congratulations on 10-year anniversary of your blog.

Dear Simon.

Congratulation on your achievement and success of your business!
My English has been improved so much since I found your web-site, and your daily blog encourages me to keep studying every day a little by little. I appreciate your determination and effort of teaching English online daily. I am looking forward to finding out your new idea soon;)

Thanks for the positive comments guys!

I always find your blog impressive and useful. Your writing is really concise and smart and creative. I never imagine how I can live without your blog. <3
By the way, in case there is no blog on September 21st, "Happy 10-year anniversary". Let's celebrate the landmark of your constant contribution and of our efforts to become good English users.

Sir, I remember I have been using this ielts blog since 2013.I learnt many things from this website about ielts. I always follow this blog.I like what Simon sir teaches us.But I request to you sir that please do not close this ielts -Simon blog because everybody can't pay high price and can not find good ielts coaching centre.Teachers are not competent.So, keeping the students demand ,think once again that how many students will suffer if this blog will be stopped.We always depend upon your website because ielts is unpredictable exam and we have no idea how to read and write in ielts style.This test is very different than English literature test. We celebrate its 10 year anniversary with great enthusiasm and posting new ideas how to move ahead from this milestone in the coming days.

Congratulations on your brilliant work! Wish you and your blog long!

you are an empower and engaging teacher that I've ever seen. These characteristics are just a short sample of the many you demonstrate with all of us !

Hello sir (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
I deeply appreciate your work helping IELTS students all over the world. Glad to hear that you'll stay.
Big congrats on the tenth anniversary. Hope we can go further altogether.
Love from China.

Many congratulations Simon! I'd like to say thanks from the bottom of my heart for your help and for your passion to continue helping students who are preparing for the IELTS. May God bless you all the success in life!

Happy 10 year anniversary of your blog. Thank you so much for helping us to improve our English skills every day. I'm very glad to hear that you will keep the blog, the best teacher of mine ever. God bless you all the best things in your life.

Hi Simon, thank you so much because still keeping this blog ❤️
Congratulations to 10-year anniversary of your blog :)

Dear Mr. Simon

Today is my first time to find your blog. I am so happy that you still continue to help us to teach IELts lesion. I promisse I will study hard and learn what you teach.

Thank you very much for your help !

May God bless you and your family!

Dear Simon,
I'm very thankful about your website and especially the contents that you share with us. Instead of paying for classes, I study your shared-materials to improve my English for the IELTS test.

Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of your website.
May God bless you and your family.

Dear Simon,
Congratulations on the 10th anniversary.
I am the new student here. I have just started my Ielts study this month, so i hope i can have many helpful lesson in the future.

Thank you so much.

Dear Simon,

I'm really looking forward to the "member area" idea. So glad that you will continue blogging!

Also I've got a wish that it'd be great if you could probably have a collection of writing task 2 essays and sell it? Just a little wish. The most important is that you keep blogging, then most of us will be really happy:) Thank you very much!


Thanks again guys. I'm lucky to have such good students with me here on the blog!

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