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September 17, 2019


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Dear Simon, here some vocabulary that I able caught from the screen, it is advanced level for me, hardly imagine how to score band 7-9 in the exam....

1. disguise - to hide something, it can't be recognized.
What if a kid's most annoying trait is their biggest talent in disguise?

2. meddlesome - interfering

3. overzealous - showing too much energy or enthusiasm
An overzealous fan ran onto the stage during the concert.

4. mischievous - naughty

5. instigator - a person causes something bad to happen

6. nuisance - annoying (thing/person/situation)

an exasperated father
amount to anything
unintentionally overlooked a kid's raw and unrefined talent
talent tends to first bubbled to the surface as an annoyance
find his persistence amusing
most annoying trait
biggest talent in disguise
greatest asset
unintentionally overlooked genius
identify and refine their talents
caring adult
redirects the annoyance
cultivates the talent
getting into things
scientific curiosity
opinionated overzealous
get people on board with your ideas
recruit people towards your ideas
24/7 crisis intervention
deeply distressed
a gifted communicator
immature and sophomoric
finely tuned immaturity
be patient
inevitably annoys you
constantly getting into stuff

an exasperated father
amount to
unintentionally overlook
a raw and unrefined talent
bubble to the surface
to be guilty of smth
a hundred percent
in disguise

the greatest asset
an interesting commonality
move from annoying trait to talent
caring adult
a rocket fuel
the wherewithal
tha blood alcohol level

nuclear diasarmament
24/7 crisis intervention

Here are some useful vocabulary:

An exasperated father
Consider a career in the future
Described as lazy, distracted and couldn’t remember anything
Wouldn’t amount to anything
(Unintentionally) overlook a kid’s raw and undefined talent
Talents bubble to the surface as an annoyance
Set a 60-second timer
Find it amusing/annoying
Most annoying trait
Identify and refine talents
talents become strengths
Move from annoying trait to talent to strength to success
Redirect the annoyance
Cultivate the talent
Had a scientific curiosity
Participate in nuclear disarmament
Get people on board with your ideas
Recruit people towards your ideas
Provide 20/7 crisis intervention
People who are deeply distressed and even suicidal
Save countless lives
Sign up for speech and debate
A gifted communicator
Finely tuned immaturity

raw and unrefined talent
first bubbled to the surface
unintentionally overlook
interesting commonality
identify and refine talent
become strength
redirect the annoyance
cultivate the talent
mischievous = naughty

thanks for the video that was really interesting!
I hope down the road whenever I saw a meddlesome, mischievous and hazardous kid, act like a caring adult and try to redirect the annoyance and help them cultivate their raw and unrefined talent to be successful at future
(when there was a time for them to consider a career )
maybe they have the potential to be an inventor with lots of patents or someone who saves countless lives.
honestly, when I was a kid myself I was a class clown but most of my teachers didn't lose their cool while a few of them were pestered. hopefully, I never saw my family exasperated, they understood that I am opinionated and argumentative but before all that just an immature and sophomoric kid who might be a genius!

Thanks guys. Great work!

The video is instesting and educative.

1. Amount to anything
2. Unrefined talent
3. Bubble to the surface
4. Interesting commonality
5. Redirect annoyance
6. Cultivate the talent
7. Opinionated
8. Caring adult
9. Overlook genius

Thanks simon

Thanks Simon! I got many useful expression and ideas from this video

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