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September 27, 2019


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Hi, this is my answer.

Well, personally I think shopping centers won't be eradicated in the near future. This is because there are always a number of people who cannot do shopping online and may not be familiar with technology. For examples, my parents, who are over 60, always go to shopping malls for shopping because using an app or browsing an ecommerce website is out of the question.

In my opinion, a business cannot go only online because there are always some of their customers who cannot buying online. For example, there are people in rural areas who might not know how to book a ticket online. These people still account for a considerable revenue I believe.

Q:Will large shopping malls continue to be popular, despite the growth of internet shopping?

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Although shopping online has increased throughout the last few years, many customers still prefer shopping in person as it is not convenient for them to order online. For instance, viewing goods virtually differs from physically as consumers are unable to inspect the products such as foods.In addition some people enjoy the tradition of shopping in larger premises as it allow them to interact with others.

Here is my answer.
1, Yes, although shopping on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular, I think that shopping in big centres will still be a trend in this modern world. You know, many people will still prefer shopping mall because it’s an ideal place for them to hang out with their friends or family. And obviously, it’s entirely convenient that people could buy everything at one time.

Q:Will large shopping malls continue to be popular, despite the growth of internet shopping?
A:I do think large shopping centers will continue to be popular. The reason is that shopping in brick and mortar stores provide a special experience which online shops couldn't. For example, you can touch the clothes and even put them on immediately in a clothing shop. Besides, big shopping centers are good places for you to hang out with your friends. You can spend a whole day in it.
Q:Do you think that some businesses (e.g. banks and travel agents) will only operate online in future?
A:Yes, I certainly think some businesses will only operate online in the future. You know, thanks to the rapid development of technology, we now can access the internet and do some things like transferring money and booking tickets through our smartphone. This not only make us more convenient but also reduce the running cost of banks and travel companies, etc. So I believe it is an irreversible trend.

Here is my answer for question 2:
Yes, in my opinion, there will be a wide range of services that just work on the Internet in the coming years. This is because people can easily order services that they want and then pay for them in a blink of an eye. Also, they won’t have to remember to bring along their wallets whenever they go out.
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