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September 26, 2019


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of course Overview 2. First abstractions, Second specification

I prefer Overview 1.
I classified this type of table as 'comparison and change' so we need to mention both 'comparision' and 'change' in the overview.
In the first sentence, you compared among the vehicles, then you compared the change of these over years in the second one.

I would refer to Overview 2. It seems more professional.

I would prefer the second overview, because overview 2 highlights the most noticeable aspects, also this overview effectively demonstrates the paraphrasing skills of the question of the writer.

I will choose overview 2 because we should make the overview brief and clear. Overview 2 provides a general description about all modes of travel and then specifies on the dominant transportation——car, constructing the overview more logical and readable.

I would choose overview 2. Because it gives a general description and picked the car which was most used by travelers.

I prefer to choose overview 2. Because it seems more organize to summarize the data in which it point out the general trend firstly and then continue with more specific item which has big changes

I prefer Overview 2. Overview 1 shows limited connection between 2 ideas. Overview 2, in contrast, by reordering the two sentences, ideas flow more smoothly (generally and then specifically). Also, the first sentence in Overview 2 is more precise and specific.

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