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September 25, 2019


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Dear Sir,
Could you make a blog on media and sports
essay? The essay is
'Many companies sponsor sports as a way of
advertising themselves. Some people think
that it is the best thing, while others believe that it has some disadvantages.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion'.
Please sir, I am waiting for your blog.

People have different views about genetic engineering in today's society. While there are good arguments against the benefit of genetic engineering, I still believe that genetic engineering will enhance people's lives in various ways.

There are several reasons why people might argue that genetic engineering is not beneficial for lives on earth. Firstly, there is evidence to support the idea that manipulation of genes reduces the nutritional value of our daily foods. For example, poultry chickens, which is an invention of genetic engineering, are comparatively less tasty than natural chickens. Secondly, many will agree that some changes to genes of leaving things, using genetic engineering, can have long-term negative effect on their health. Someone, for example, trying to change the body color by changing the gene structure can be exposed to skin cancer. Finally, it is also recognized that natural imbalance is occurred due to changes to genetics.

In spite of the above arguments, I believe the genetic engineering is contributing positively in our daily lives. One of the major advantages is that it makes crops more resistant to insects and diseases, as the changes usually make in a way that alter the setting of the negative effects. For instance, crops nowadays are healthier and larger in regards to production. In addition, some inherited illness will no longer exist in human body due to the changes characteristics of genes. Furthermore, scientists are developing cures for different deadly diseases using this technological advancement. In my view, genetic engineering is a blessings of science for us.

In conclusion, genetic engineering certainly has its drawbacks, but I believe the benefit outweigh them in the long run.

Dear sir,
I am going to take exam on 28th sep. Can you give advice to tackle multiple choice questions section 3, especially. These are stopping to get 8 band.

I think it could be useful for all candidates who are appearing for the exam.

Hi Simon, hope you are doing well. This is Sunny.First of all, I really appreciate your sharing this!
Below is what i have written on the topic but not yet finished on some parts. I will greatly appreciate your suggestions if you have any on my writing. I look forward to your writing on it as well! By the way i am sitting the test next month and I aim for 7(at least) in writing, which is required by the university.

Thanks to the advancement of technology in the field of scientific research, we are able to embrace more diversity the earth can possibly offer using genetic engineering technology, some of which are apparently made to exist for the benefits of humans. However, there has always been a heated discussion about whether these genetically modified plants and animals are posing threats to the life on earth. This essay will discuss this matter from both perspectives followed by further analysis of this issue.

To begin with, it is clear that genetic engineering has dramatically improved people’s life in certain sections of the world. This technology has facilitated scientists in the process of inventing products that fulfill the needs of certain group of people. Take Yuan Longping as an example, who is a Chinese farmer and actually used the idea of genetic engineering and successfully invented a kind of crop that takes less amount of time to grow and mature and yields far more than the traditional ones. His achievement lifted millions of people in that part of the world out of starvation. In the same fashion, the genetically modified products have created options for people who have certain needs for a substitute for a conventional product. For example, ….

Despite the benefits this technology is possibly able to offer, it is undeniable that it has its downsides, one of which is the potential to disrupt the natural course of life on earth. It is known that. Another issues associated with this technology is the potential risks by the misuse of it.

In my opinion, even though this technology can pose potential threats to us and our earth, its merits definitely outweigh the disadvantages of this matter given the improvement it has contributed to people’s life. Additionally, there is certainly something the governments can do to better regulate the use of it and prevent the cases of misuse. Moreover, I believe every technology is neural. It is up to us how we use it. As long as we use it in the proper way, I trust certain risks can be managed and prevented from causing real harm to us.


Are you sure you can write 356 words of accurate English under exam conditions, that is, within forty minutes? I would suggest going for less than three hundred words, and making sure there are no grammar mistakes.

To this end, for IELTS purposes, the best approach seems to be a much shorter introduction and conclusion.

"Thanks to the advancement of technology in the field of scientific research": to me this comes across as a pre-learned portable phrase that does not advance your argument.

" we are able to embrace more diversity than the earth can possibly offer by using ...."

" some of which are ": what does 'which' refer back to? It is not clear. "Are" or "is" ?

-> for the benefit of humans. (No 's')

-> used genetic engineering techniques to develop a hybrid strain/variety of rice


-> takes less time to ...

->than traditional varieties

"it is undeniable that": anyone can deny it. Be wary of these pre-learnt phrases. Certainly some politicians will deny anything, be it true or untrue.

" It is known that. " -> That is already well-known.

" Another issue[s] .. [is] are the potential risks of misuse." Sort out the singular/plural issues here. "An" means one, "an other issue" is just written as "Another issue".

Do not introduce new points or material into the conclusion: it should simply restate your opening position.

"Moreover, I believe every technology is neural." What? (1) technology is more often uncountable, so does not sit well with "every". (2) "neural" means related to the neurons in the brain, so does not make much sense.

Hi Simon,

I feel like this is a topic that most people have no good ideas about, like me, so the content in your ebooks can really help people and store some ideas in their mind. Much appreciated.

I also attached my writing here for you and others comment. Thanks in advance.

In the recent decade, stories and researches about genetic engineering can be found in various media platforms such as newspaper, magazines, and blogs, which become a hot topic in people’s conversation and cause more social awareness. It is true that manipulation of gene might lead to catastrophic problem on the earth’s ecosystem, but we’ve also seen this promising technology can benefit people in many ways.

When it comes to genetic engineering, people tend to become worried and skeptical as they don’t fully understand the technology as they do with computers and internet. Some might even picture monsters and evil human beings that are genetic modified, thanks to the vivid characters and scenes in the science fictions and Hollywood movies. However, technology advancement itself is not a threat. It’s the people or governments who are not using the technology properly the threats. Nuclear power is a best example here.

As a matter of fact, genetic engineering can do more benefit than harm to human beings if used properly . A Chinese agricultural scientist named Longping Yuan succeeded to largely increase plants’ productivity using genetic engineering technology. His accomplishment solves the starving problem for hundreds of millions of people in underdeveloped rural area in China. Also, we’ve all known about recent scientist breakthrough of clone technology can help people with disability to replace their damaged organs.

The development of genetic engineering might cause people’s uncomfortableness especially in early stage when people are not familiar to it. However, it is a promising and revolutionary technology that can bring our quality of lives to a next level. It’s time to change our perception and embrace this technology advancement.



"Research" is rarely pluralized.

-> Over the last decade stories and research reports ...... have appeared

...platforms such as newspapers, magazines...

"which have become a hot topic in people’s conversation ": really? Do not make wild and unsupported assertions.


I would question the term "social awareness" in this context.


-> improve awareness of these issues.


-> gene manipulation

"to catastrophic problem": either "to a catastrophic problem" or "to catastrophic problems...

"we’ve","don’t ": avoid short forms in formal essays.

"as they do with computers and internet": few truly understand computers.

"in the science fictions": 'fiction' is rarely plural.

->It’s the people or governments who are not using the technology properly that are the threat.


"do more benefit than harm": not a normal phrase.


"succeeded to"->succeeded in +VERB+ing
"succeeded to" refers to the "succession", that is one monarch succeeding to the throne on the death of another.


"solves": tense?

-> we all know about the recent scientific breakthrough in transplant technology which can help p....




Hi Zoe,

Thanks so much for the comments and they are really helpful! Looks like I should definitely pay more attention on the verb tense issue.

Appreciate if you can please tell me what would be the possible band of this writing?



I am not an examiner. "Grammar is almost all about accuracy (how many grammar errors you make). To be more specific, for a 7 you need close to 50% error free sentences, and for an 8 you need at least 75%." per Mr sjm (examiner). My impression is your essay falls just short of Band 7.


Thanks for all these. Really helpful.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for all of your lessons and learning materials. They are a great help for me! My practice is below:

Genetic engineering is a controversial topic nowadays. People who support this technology believe that it could improve human life. By contrast, some people think it may bring unknown threats to the Earth. In my opinion, I do not support genetic engineering, and I would like to take action to reject this technique.

From the side of supporting, people believe that technology could solve every problem. For example, eating genetically modified food could avoid being allergic and help humans get the nutrition they really need. Growing genetic plants could increase the amount of harvest owing to the characteristics of anti-pest. Farmers would hence earn more income and improve their lives. People might take this technology as an innovation toward human life, and the will live in a convenient and enjoyable life forever.

However, the happiness would not last forever. Others believe that once the rule is broken, the earth will start to fix the destruction and chaos will be caused inevitably until a new balance is found. Many species will be threatened and may face the danger of distinguishing. On the other hand, it is not possible for humans to stand back and never be affected by the disaster. The resource of food may be unstable, and the weather may become harsh owing to the disappearing of plants.

In conclusion, I do not agree with the development of genetic engineering. Apart from the impact may be caused, the key point, in my opinion, is that human beings are not the God of nature. We do not have the right to decide the length of lifespans. Human is just one of the species on Earth, and we should respect the rule of nature and other lives in the world. To take action of this belief, I would never purchase genetically modified products and keep devoting myself to this issue.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your useful lessons and they provide so much help. And my writing is attached below.

Genetic engineering has become a hot topic recent years and people hold different views against the use of it. From my point of view, while genetic engineering may cause some problems, the benefits people can get from it still overweight disadvantages.

It is undoubted that there are risks involved in developing genetic engineering. The social problem it causes can become quite serious. For instance, people may want to use genetic engineering to help them live longer which will result in over population and lack of resources and this can lead to a threat to all kinds of creatures living on the earth. Also there are chances that scientists will use this technology to create new species into the world which may have unpredictable results, for example, becoming a strong predator of the other species. And in this way, genetic diversity will be undermined.

However, human beings can generate more benefits from this sophisticated technology. Firstly, it can be used to tackle and defeat diseases especially helping the family which has a genetic disease to genetically engineer the next generation and the disease will avoid passing on. Producing new kind of food can also become one utilization of genetic engineering, scientists can use the technology to design the plants which can adapt to more harsh conditions and feed more people as the population is keep increasing. Additionally, it can help to improve crops’ ability of resisting diseases, as a result, the use of pesticide can be largely reduced to protect the environment.

In conclusion, genetic engineering is a practical technology bringing us more convenience to life compared with problems it may cause.

Genetic engineering is one of the ground breaking advances in the era of modern science. Unfortunately, it has been perceived with a lot of scepticism. While some believes that it has a positive impact on our lives, others consider it as a major threat to the living beings on the planet. This essay will argue both the ideas will express my opinion.
The novel idea of genetic modification began in the agriculture sector with the introduction of genetically modified crops. These crops were high yielding varieties which were resistant to diseases. Farmers soon began to mass cultivate these varieties which resulted in a considerable improvement in the agricultural outcome. Genetic engineering also had a greater impact in the field of medicine. For example in the field microbiology, it has been used tremendously for mass production of vaccines and other biological substances used for treatment of diseases.
However, the worthiness of such genetically modified crops soon began to be questioned. These engineered crops with eventually began to outnumber the natural variety affecting the ecological balance, rising major outcry from environmental protection agencies. Yet another controversial development was cloning of animals. Research in human cloning also raises huge ethical issues. The major fear lingering around the idea of genetic modification is the emergence of a super living being which might pose a threat to humans on earth.
Thus, to conclude, controversies always existed in this field of science. There are many advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering, in fact, to this date advantages outnumber the short comings. I strongly believe that the opportunities of a regulated genetic engineering are tremendous and that it has to be promoted.

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