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September 07, 2019


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Hi Simon, I've paid for the lifetime subscription fee, when i can enter this discussion forum?
will the weekly lesson cover writing task 1&2, speaking, reading and listening?

Thank you sir for coming with new ideas .Of-course this member site will be useful for students because lessons will be longer and members only comment there.Ex-examiners will reply daily.

Hi Simon
I wish you opened this subscription 4 years earlier, I would not have wasted my money for other IELTS courses to pass my exam. Eventually I got required IELTS mark by going through your previous lessons and following your daily lessons.
Many thanks for your english lessons!

Dear Simon
Your website had been always a great help for ielts learning. Of course this member site also be helpful. But unfortunately pay pal service is not available in my country. I am from Bangladesh. Can you suggest if there would be another option to pay. I really want to subscribe the member site.

Hello, Simon, I’m in mainland China. I tried to purchase your ebook before, but the payment failed whichever credit card I used. I wonder if there’s any other payment method that’s available. Thank you. I’d really like to subscribe.

Hi Simon,

Does this mean you're going to stop this website being interactive -except for those who subscribe-? or it's going to be abandoned altogether?

Please reply me back!!

@YUI 你可能需要visa/MasterCard/amex,我可以帮助你完成付款

@Ali M
Nope! Simon is still writing free lessons on this blog. Also, he is offering a new service which is not free for students who want to go deeper into IELTS. Once subscribed to it, you will learn from video lessons (he will upload a video lesson per week) instead of blog lessons like on this blog. Of course, things he is teaching in video lessons are more helpful than in free lessons. Another thing is his team will support you by answering your questions regularly. Another thing he hasn't mentioned yet, but I think it is a part of his idea. That is he could make video lessons based on members' votes on what they want to learn. It is just my guess :)

Ali M,

I won't abandon this blog, don't worry! I'm just adding something extra.

@mao Thanks, mate. I’ve already tried to use VISA and MasterCard, but neither worked, and that’s what I meant. But thanks anyway.

Hi. How is the weekly video different/similar to the the paid videos you offer?. Thanks

Hello, what's the difference between the videos you put in newly launched "new member area" and the "Simon's video course"?

Hi Simon, will it be possible to check our writing essays on that site?

Dear Simon,
Could you please extend the time till 10th October for new member subscription ?


I'd suggest you to request any of your relatives living in overseas, do a favour for you - you will be paying in their BD account.

While I was in Bangladesh, Simon gave me this piece of advice. You will be glad to know that I managed that, and currently even though it is not needing me anymore (in Australia) still I'm subscribed to the new members site as my sincere gratitute.



Here's a quick summary of the different 'products / services' that I offer:

1. This blog: free daily lessons. If you use the blog well, you don't really need anything else - all of my best advice is on here. The only problem is that there are thousands of short daily lessons here, and they are not arranged in order. It's just a blog format.

2. The video course: this is a full step-by-step course that takes you through all of my best advice. I explain my methods and demonstrate everything at band 9 level. This is the fastest way to learn the essentials.

3. The 7-day video course: this course has only one aim, which is to explain the band descriptors and scoring system for writing task 2.

4. My new member site: imagine attending a "live" lesson with me here in Manchester once a week. You would work through the lesson, ask me questions, perhaps do a homework task for the following week. I hope to use the member site to create this type of experience.

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