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September 28, 2019


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One band in writing?
Will we have videos about speaking band descriptors soon?



One of the things that I suggest you do, in terms of using the band descriptors, is look at the description of the band above your current band score. So, if you're at band 6, you need to look at the band 7 descriptors - this will show you what to aim for.

Yes, I'll cover the speaking descriptors too.

The member site is a long-term project, so I'll cover everything I/we can think of over the coming weeks, months and years!

Come and join us at new member site. It is true that there is NO shortcut to pass IELTS, however if you have a "method" and someone 9a native English speaker and an Examiner) who has a long-term experience in IELTS,and if you follow him accordingly - hopefully you will improve more than you imagined, which will be directly translated as your BAND score.

Google the term "ielts simon", a search box will appear - put the name "James Z.", "Kevin". Read what they wrote after being successful (both achieved 8) following the advice from here.

I'm not promoting here and I'm NOT a business person, but I'm urging - the site which helped me to achieve band 8.0 just following the very fundamentals and TRUSTING a person's view which here he called VOCABULARY MINDSET, I wish if I could transmit this across the world to the IELTS test takers so that they by defying all MYTHS could PASS simply like me!

My level of English, genuinely NOT stands out however, I was better at copying the chunk of word that Simon gave us as "Band 9 vocabulary" and it worked for me. During the Speaking test the Examiner was laughing (not smiling!) at me - I thought the game is over, but when I saw the score it was a massive 8.0, for me. Just be better at copying, NOT be inventive. Try to imitate the native speaker.

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