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October 27, 2019


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i like this one very much

i think many people have this 'too general' problem.

here's another one (related to task 1)

i like that thing that you said about her 'missing the opportunity' to make comparisons across data/categories within a sentence. (very interesting choice of words: 'miss the opportunity')

here's yet another one, about missing opportunities (related to grammar)

Hi Simon, I always read your vocabulary/grammar section even I have scored 7 each last month, I believe you should include your grammar and vocabulary categories.

Sir, start agree or disagree question and answer from this blog.Many students have lots of confusion about it . We want to hear your answers through Audio.

I like the lesson on how useful examples are in writing task 2. You say that examples help you think of ideas. I also think they give 'focus' to an essay. They also help to develop and support your arguments. You use them a lot in your model essays.


Been following this site for almost 9 years. The lessons posted here are direct to the point and easy to follow. But if I were to choose which one greatly affected my view and my approach towards the IELTS test, it would be the "Vocabulary Mindset" lessons.



if possible please post good source to refer to on daily basis to improve listening score and material to improve reading score every week on your website or blog

Hi Simon.. just like Pachu pointed out above, every new batch of my students have issues on understanding a good approach to opinion questions. Hence I frequently refer back to your lesson on the 4 different approaches to agree or disagree essays. You know,the one where you've given links to essays where you strongly agree, partially, refute and so on? That's a pretty important lesson I think.


Thanks for your useful suggestions guys. I'm grateful for your help!


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