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October 15, 2019


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I supposed the answer for question 22 is from this phrase "...were much less recent than that." But i have tried to find out meaning in dictionary but i dont understand it. Can you have explanation for this?

The answers are :
21. B
22. C

2 all ''could'' and then let’s go with your last suggestion.
much less recent than that.

3 . yes definitely helped and always .

1. the answer to questions 21 and 22 are
21. B
22. C

2. keywords
let's go___last suggestion.
much less recent than that

3. Off course. it definitely helps us

21. B (let’s go with your last suggestion.)
22. A ( it had been just extracted from the animal’s jawbone.)

3.Yes. It is helpful.

it could be a timeline to show when they lived, with illustrations?
were much less recent than that.
yes-definitely it helped me.tnx

The answers are
Thank you, Simon underling the right key words really helped.

1. The answers are below.
21. B
22. C

2. let’s go to your last suggestion. much less recent than that.

3. Yes. It really helped. Thank you.

Question 21. B
Question 22. C

Keywords in the transcript give me the answers above are:
Question 21.
Rosie listed 2 options, then Martin suggested the third. However, Martin talked to Rosie: "let’s go with your last suggestion." And the tutor agreed: "Good". => Rosie's second option, "a timeline to show when they lived, with illustrations", was chosen. => Answer B
Question 22.
"Tutor: So why was that [the tooth found by Russell Graham] significant?"
"Rosie: ... bones previously found ... were much less recent than that [the tooth]. So this was really amazing."
Regarding the meaning, A is much less recent than B = B is not as old as A.
=> The surprising fact is that the tooth was not as old as mammoth remains from elsewhere. => Answer C

Yes, it did. It's very helpful. I often underline many words when determining which are keywords. Through this article, I think I just need to focus on some words, the most relevant words. Thank you, Simon!

Yes, it's help us. Thank you. You are very helpful for us. 💐


B - timeline
C - not as old = recent

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