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October 07, 2019


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Dear Simon,

I found this habit of practice also work for other subjects as well, especially Maths.

Great! Is it suitable for listening section?

Practise reading from backward direction is very good thought.One of the problems in reading is we do not know range of synonymous a words.We are unable to recognise similar words in the passage.Sometimes the words used in the passage for the key words in the question is quite strange, we have never thought about it although we know its one simple synonymous .Only reading the list of synonymous of words from the dictionary can not help.But I have question, does IELTS use same synonymous of words in its all books if it uses in one book.If it does then memorizing all table of keywords is very good idea because it will be fast to find the answer.


Yes, you can use the same technique for listening practice.



Unfortunately there are always several ways to express an idea, so IELTS doesn't use a set list of synonyms.

Thank you so much sir for feedback .I always want to hear from you sir because we have so many questions that make us confusion.At this time, we need your help .So , we always come here for your help and improve our English level.We appreciate your hard work and punctuality.

Thank you Simon for providing this useful technic. I am struggling on reading, always miss the mainpoint in paragraphs.

Good morning Simon,

I have being using this technique and it has improved my scores while practising. Thank you

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