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October 18, 2019


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Everything happens for a reason by Kate bowler it's an amazing book and it's concept too

To be honest, i'm not a big fan of books because reading books makes me boring. But i was extremely interested in one book, its name " How to influence people". This book is all about how to give right decisions and teach me to react some conflicts. I mean, i'm not a perfect person before, i'm always try to win all arguments, may be with my friends, may be with my siblings as well as my parents. I fell satisfied whenever beat them. But after i finished reading this book, i think alot about my conflicts from the past, i hurt people by my speeches, i really need a change. As the result, i got all experiences that in this book and apply them in my current life. For example, i just silence while someone shout at me before i explain for them with a nice smile. I enjoyed this book because its useful for my life, it help me having more attractive with people around, change all arguments to peaceful conversations.

I think story book will be more easily to be described.like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

Well, I'm quite into a Chinese historic book named Things in Ming Dynasty, which has 7 series and I have completed it. Before I begin to read this book, my friend told me that the author described the history of Ming dynasty in a really humorous way, plus I'm really a big fan of history, thus I bought it on my kindle.When I was going through it, I fount it was quite into my taste. It has described a royal flourishment and decay including wars, political struggles, interesting issues with emperors and so on, which has really captured my historical imagination.

In 2015, I decided to read a blockbuster book that I had heard about that among university scholars. I was curious about the book. The name is “Blindness,” a novel by José Saramago. The book’s story is about living a couple in a city in which people are going blind one by one and what happens in these situations. While I was reading the novel, I was overwhelmed by the story so that if a critical condition like that happens in my town, what can I do.
The structure of the sentences and the gist of the story were such that it caught the attention of every reader. No one just read a page and leave the rest of it out.

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