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October 11, 2019


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No, I have never known that before. Hopefully in the next lessons, you can tell us more about how we know which phrase is formal or informal, and consequently, which one is better in terms of speaking or writing.
Thank you very much

The entry for "pretty" in the Longman dictionary states:
"In written English, people usually avoid pretty and use fairly instead:
The consequences of this are fairly obvious."

The "S1" marker shows it is in the top one thousand words in spoken English; and the "W3" shows it in the top 3000 in writing.



'I can't see shopping malls disappearing'. I can see this type of sentence in some listening Cambridge books.
For example: I found computer modelling fascinating
Is this the same to the first sentence?


"you should see the symptoms disappearing"


Per British Council:
see hear listen to smell watch etc.

We saw everybody running away.
I could hear someone singing.

catch find imagine leave prevent stop
I caught someone trying to break in to my house.
We couldn’t prevent them getting away.


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