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October 23, 2019


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Excellent view sir.you have become a role model for me,and I ever follow your precious structure in my study,therefore I have learnt great points.

Hi Simon,
I still do not understand the #3 because the question asks us to show our dis/agreement ("what extent you agree/disagree") but not to show both sides ("Discuss both side"). How risky doing like that as it seems to be out of topic @@.

@ Long Hung Tran

There are four systems/ways to answer Agree/Disagree. These are not rules but can help you organize your thoughts/ideas much better.

Please refer to this post/lesson.


Hi Simon,

My teacher told me that it is better to write "the writer believes/agrees/disagrees..." when stating my position because she said IELTS must avoid using I/my/me/mine. Only third person is allowed. Is this true? How will it affect my score?

Hi everyone, I have written my first essay while practicing for IELTS. Please give me feedback and some suggestions.


In the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing. What problems will this cause for individuals and society? Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of ageing populations.


With the advancement of medical science , the mean life expectancy has improved remarkably in the developed countries. Although, this will pose some problems, measures can be taken to deal with them as we will see.

As a consequence of better health facilities, people are living longer than ever ,and this has resulted in some issues that need consideration. Firstly, the increase in number of aged members of society means more people are availing pension alongwith higher expense on geriatric care , which increases financial burden on the government. The young members , in turn, have to pay more taxes to maintain the balance between revenue generated and expenses. Secondly, there is lesser workforce available to the country , because it has a major part of population that is retired and no longer working. This makes it difficult for the nation to develop its economy. Finally, the youth finds it challenging to take care of more aged relatives and earning at the same time to support their families.

In order to address these issues, the authorities can take several steps as described below. The retirement age could be increased from 65 to 70 in less physically and mentally demanding occupations. These days, senior citizens are in good enough health to perform most of the duties competently. A second measure would be that the governments can make laws to simplify immigration procedures, which would increase the size of working age group as well as the number of tax payers. Furthermore, government funds could be redistributed to spend on health, accomodation and transportation for the elderly.

In conclusion, a large aging population poses potential problems which can be successfully handled by making some policy amendments by the governments of the concerned nations.


No, that isn't true. Many teachers get this wrong because they are used to teaching 'university academic writing'. IELTS writing is different.

I've written about this here:



I hope this helps!

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