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November 04, 2019


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i can explain it by selecting key words.
1. Zoo-captive
Both of the words mean that animals are under supervision.
2. excelled-to be lacking
both of them have opposite meanings.
3. Here is NG, because there is no any information, which can match the meaning between sentences as well as dismtaching.
Key words here: improving in the quality- becoming more detailed and impressive.
Quality does not mean detailed and impressive.

I hope i have explained it correctly.

1 an animal =the average captive animal
is likely to =will
live longer= greater life expectancy
than =compered with
wild =wild
transmiting information=communicate information
always =used to be lacking.
3 resulted in increased numbers of zoo visitors= There is not anything mentioned about it in passage.

hello simon.

Thanks alot for creating this platform. It is very useful.

1. The keywords in the passage and question are
animal living in zoo = animal in captive
live longer = greater live expentancy.

2. transmitting information = communicating
visitors= public
excelled is opposite of lacking

3. the passage explians that television documentary are more detailed while the question says the quality of wild life has increased the numbers of visitors, there is no correlation between the two. thus the answer is not given

Here are my explanations:

An animal in a zoo (in the question) =captive animal(in the passage)
live longer = greater life expectancy

in the question ''transmitting information'' = ''communicate information'' in the passage
''excelled ''in the question is opposite in meaning to ''lacking'' the word in the passage
public = visitors

Question is talking about increased number of zoo visitors because of improvements in the quality of TV documentary,however,there is no mention of that in the passage.

1. live longer = have a greater life expectancy
an animal...in a zoo than in the wild = the average captive animal...compared with its wild counterpart
2. transmitting information about animals to the public = communicate information to visitors about the animals
zoos have always excelled at is antonym of zoos used to be lacking
3. TV wildlife documentaries = television documentaries
have resulted in increased number of zoo visitors is not concerned with becoming ever more detailed and impressive


live longer = greater life expectancy
an animal in a zoo = captive animal

Zoos have always excelled at = OPPOSITE OF = an area where zoos used to be lacking

No information about: "resulted in increased numbers of zoo visitors"

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