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November 18, 2019


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Consider Phlebas Iaian Banks

One interesting way of 'reading' is to watch foreign movies with English subtitles. For example, if you are Chinese and you enjoy horror movies, watch a Korean horror movie with English subtitles. You can't understand the spoken language, and you are 'forced' to read English for two hours, and at high speed. This is a great way of 'reading' when you are not normally a reader.

Hi Simon,

As I have a bachelor's degree in the field of Astronomy and Space Sciences, I mostly read about this area which inherently fascinates me. I also read some pieces regarding technology.

Dear Teacher,
I usually read news about business throughout the economist website.

When I pracitce speaking topics, to find more related vocabulary especially for part 3, I quite enjoy googling relevant articles and when reading them, I learn much more than vocabulary. It is fun! Now I'm preparing the third time IELTS test with the aim of getting higher scores. Initially, I was so scared of resitting that I thought it must be as difficult as the last two times. But on the contrary, I find it interesting especially when I gain different opinions about the world and many wonderful idioms like off the cuff from various sources.

I love cycling and model making, so I often read magazines and articles about these hobbies. I learn new techniques related to my hobby and also new words to improve my English. I never find reading these materials boring.

I am really into Comic books so I read Manga a lot since I was a kid. Recently I have read it only in English, particularly when I find myself exhausted with learning IELTS and relevant stuff.
Once I discover a good manga, I devour the book quickly.
Also, I try my best to search for whatever I want to understand by English. It turns out to be many great experiences since a lot of things written in English are more helpful and easier to find than those in my native language.

Because of holding a bachelor's degree of Computer Science, a book called Permanent Record written by Edward Snowden is fascinated me recently.
It's about the topic of mass surveillance, which all of us face today about our privacy in the modern and intelligence world.

I used to read newspaper and magazines before but nowadays I often listen story through Audio which has script or text such as lady in the lake and Forest Gump. I sometimes think that reading these kinds of stuffs are not needed for IELTS because it is all passive activities needs only active activity.So, I left reading these stuffs.

Hi Simon,

I'm really into English novels as my former private English teacher has influenced me the most in choosing English books. She used to be a librarian in the US with a Master's degree of English Literature before coming to Japan, and I was really impressed by her knowledge in the field. In each lesson, I felt that I learnt something valuable from her, such as Shakespeare's plays, similes and metaphors, and reading between the lines. Personally, I think that novels aren't very relevant to the IELTS exam, but they can provide extensive vocabulary, inspiration, and creativity.

Hi all,

I am a Kpop fan,so I read some Kpop news via instagram post of one indonesian fan. Her English is very fluent. and the way she expresses her idea is so funny. I keep updated on my idol via her instagram. Lol.

Hi Simon,

Yes, I'm a big fan of reading self-improvement books, and I have started reading a book called Atomic Habits after reading one of your speaking posts.

I think reading for a hobby is completely different than IELTS reading as I don't have to follow any time limit. I don't skim or scan while reading my favorite books. But when I read for IELTS I have to do more skimming and scanning than detailed reading, and this makes me slow significantly and unable to complete the last section of reading tests satisfactorily. In my opinion, the IELTS reading test is basically a skimming, scanning, and vocabulary test. Detailed reading is a minor part of this test.


Good work guys! Thanks for sharing your reading habits!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

It helps me to improve my vocabulary by reading a lot in english. Thank you.

hi simon
actually i was suffering from a bad lifestyle or habbits in terms of read something in english, nowtime i find a application which name is curiosity that allows me read enjoyalbe contents that i love.

Hi Simon,
I'm reading becoming by Michelle Obama which is awesome. I also read the kind of news which interests me on CNN.

hello simon
I am more interested in following Gordon Ramsay cooking channel. I frequent devote a significant part of my time to learn some his recipes.

Definitely, Reading become my spare time hobbie.

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