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November 08, 2019


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It makes me want to read this book!

Are there too many words that can't be expressed within the limited of time?
We are not native speakers and naturally speak at a lower speed regardless of how hard we have practised.


Yes, read it Jessica!


China Candidate,

My answer is supposed to act as a 'model', and I wouldn't expect a student to be able to answer at this level or with this amount of detail in a real test.

So, don't worry about whether it's realistic to give an answer like mine. Just use it for what it can teach you (e.g. vocabulary ideas and how I express them). If I gave you a low-level answer from a student, you wouldn't learn very much.

May i ask which one below is grammatically right?
- I realised that I’m nowhere ...
- I realised that I was nowhere ...
Many thanks.

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