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November 22, 2019


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happy adj.
feeling pleasure
VERBS appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound
become | make sb
ADV. extremely, only too, particularly, really, very
completely, perfectly, quite
PREP. About, for, with
contented,delighted,ecstatic,elated,glad,joyful,joyous,jubilant,lively,merry,overjoyed,peaceful,pleasant,pleased,thrilled,upbeat,radiant,over the moon, as happy as calm,on top of the world,on cloud nine,paradise,rapture,seventh heaven,walking on the air,zest for life,take pleasure in,invigorated,exhilarated,enchanting,1. Having a whale of a time,Be a barrel of laughs,Full of the joys of spring,alive,cheerful,exuberant,satisfied

• jubilant

• merry

be cheerful
be on the clouds
couldnt stop my tear of joy comming down
feeling accomplished
feeling content and proud of yourself
hard working deserve success
dedicate yourself to your goal and see the result


Hello Simon,

I am very confused about what we are expected to answer the speaking part 2 questions. should we answer all the questions on the cue card ? if not, what happens ?

After taking the test, I felt relieved. Felt like I just got rid of a burden. Then I also felt confident and encouraged because I did something that I thought I couldnt do. And I was very cheerful.

I felt like a dog with two tails when I heart the news that I got the score I aimed for. I called some of my family members to share this fantastic result and then we decided that we should get together to celebrate my success by having wine in my favorite pub.I clearly remember that I became so drunk that I sang and danced all night. ıt was one of the nights that I will never forget.

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