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November 01, 2019


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-The book that I have just read has a ground-breaking book qualification.
-Minuscule changes that you created in your life can lead to big effects.
-Good habits you obtained in education make a significant and long-lasting difference.

Thank you, Sir. :)

The book that boiled my brain while reading is called Atomic Habits, which was penned by a world-renowned expert called James Clear. The title of the book gives an impression of the Physics book, but it’s actually a psychology book, which logically explains the concept of the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions. I mean a minuscule amount of day to day changes can produce life-altering outcomes in people’s lives. In this book, James tells inspiring stories about his own life along with explaining the cutting-edge psychological fundamentals related to habit. I first came to know about this ground-breaking book about a year ago when I visited a book store called ‘Cross World’ in my area. Although I found this book fascinating, it took me so long to complete it as I had to think a lot to understand the principles of habit formation explained in this book. As I’m a sciency guy, understanding psychology was a bit difficult for me. That being said, I have read this book thrice since I purchased it, and I learned something new every time I read it. I experienced a dramatic positive effect on my life after implementing the tools and technics explained in this book. I know a few people in my circle who made a significant and long-lasting differences in their lives after reading this book as well. I think I will read this book to my son so that he can learn the science of tiny habits and it’s positive consequences from an early age and become a better person in the future. All in all, this book is well researched, well reasoned, and well written, and I would recommend it to anyone who is really serious to make some unbelievable improvements in their life. Well written James.

I imagine I am in a speech =)

A book to be well research, well reasoned and well written that I'd like to introduce for all of you today is 'Leading' book. It is a biographical book written for Sir Alex Ferguson; he is a world-renowned coach and he has spent his career managing a football club - Manchester United. The book tells inspiring stories about different footballers coming from different countries in the world.

Simon is a world-renowned expert who helps students world-wide to pass a super difficult exam, IELTS. I read his blogs out of atomic habit although there are some controversial views on how to achieve a high score.

1 Atomic habits is a ground breaking book which can help people achieve life altering outcomes by doing minuscule changes.
2. The book brings about cutting edge psychology by telling inspiring stories of himself and advice people not to focus on achieving goals but instead focus on making progress day by day.
3. The author of the book named atomic habits is a world renowned expert

After reading well written books, he told us insipring stories about life hacks.

1.Changing your habits, even the minuscule changes, would lead to the life-altering outcomes
2.Along with the cutting-edge psychology, there are more diseases cured nationwide.
3.By following inspiring stories, I recognize a dramatic positive effect on my life.

1. Atomic habits: Atomic habits are small practices that are not only easy to do but also the source of incredible power
2. A Word renowned expert: James clear , writer of ‘atomic habits’ is a world-renowned expert .
3. Minuscule changes : We should keep practice minuscule changes in daily life which may grow into life-altering outcomes.

Despite the minster can tell inspiring stories to the community, they are not a cutting-edge psychology, which can make our society becoming productive, motivated and happy.


I liked the comment from "Simon's follower"! :)

I have developed some atomic habits which helped me to bring in a dramatic positive effect on my mind and now I am able to understand the science of tiny habits.

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