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November 29, 2019


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What are the most difficult jobs that people do?

In my opinion, a private military contractor is one of the most dangerous and difficult jobs because military personnel is usually deployed in very hostile areas and can put their lives at risk on a daily basis. It is a job that all too often involves killing or being killed, watching the back of the person next to you, and witnessing unthinkable acts of horror and violence.

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I am very confused about what we are expected to answer the speaking part 2 questions. should we answer all the questions on the cue card ? if not, what happens ?

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Could I make an essay same writing task 2 with this topic?

When it comes to a difficult job, I always hear from my friends who are parents say that parents are the toughest job in the world. If we can call this title a job position, it must be definitely difficult. While people might choose to quit their job if they don't like it, parents couldn't quit their positions. After their children are born. they need to take the responsibility which involves many different tasks and 24/7 until the day when their children become adults.

It depends on what does it mean by "Difficult". I think that there are two kinds of job: mentally and physically. In terms of mental job, "difficult" means high level of using our mind and we cannot tell which is the most difficult because every job, even physical job, requires people to train themselves and gain skills, forcing their brains to work. For example, cleaners has to think about how to make everything clean in a quickest way and a teacher cannot do cleaning as well as a cleaner does. In terms of physically job, "difficult" means a high level of using your body strength. It is extremely hard to tell which one is diffuclt but in my humble oppinion, the hardest are those which are both dangerous and consuming a huge about of energy such as firerfighter, policeman or even astronaut.

Q1 -I believe that there are many hard works require to exert a lot of time and effort as well like working in the medical care field as a doctor, most of the doctors don not have enough or exact hours to sleep as the hospital can call them at any time to come and operate an urgent surgery, unfortunately, doctors don't have fixed working hours it depends on work requirement
Q2 - most people accept the strenuous job to earn more money so they can buy new car , new house or to change a certain appliance at home like laptop or television and so on or to save money for a rainy day or maybe because they do not have family or wife to spend time with so they choose to do a lot of work

1. What are the most difficult jobs that people do?
In my opinion, every job has its own challanges and can be considered the most difficult. For example, while the police have to face criminals all day who can make them stressed and sometimes scared because they are posing a serious threat to social security and lives of resident, accounts have to be much concentrated and awake to avoid the errors at work. These people seem to suffer from various negative feeling due to their surroundings.

2. Why do you think some people choose to do difficult jobs?
Ther are a number of reasons why many people want do to difficult jobs. First, the more challanging the job is, the more experienced they are, so they can improve their work skills and endurance of the harder jobs. Second, It is satisfying that we can receive higher salary due to more work responsibility and they can have a better financial conditions to raise their family and do the other things.

2/I believe that is not us who choose a job but it’s the jobs which choose us. Each of us is special in our own way. Some people are physically stronger than others while some are really into mental matters. Stronger person choose jobs that require a good health, for example: boxer, firefighter and policeman. Others like to train their minds in order to choose jobs that demand very high level of skills such as doctor, surgeon and scientist.

3/ I agree that we all feel that our jobs are difficult at times. No matter if you are doing a mental stressful job or a physical tiring job, we all feel discouraged at our jobs one and another point in life. For example, a detective may feel clueless at his cases which I think it happens pretty often. But also, a marketer can be struggle and overwhelmed at the amount of workloads and information that one could receive in a day.

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