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November 10, 2019


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Dear Simon,

I need your guidance on how to prepare for common ielts writing task 2 topics like education,travel,health etc.so I don't go blank to see different variety of questions for any topic.I intend to give ILETS in about 2 months time. Please I desperately need your help in this regards.

Many Thanks.


Hi Simon,

I had issues with structuring, ideas organising and time management regarding to task 2. After revisiting ur web I finished my test with a decent score of 7.5 overall. U helped me to pass the exam 4 years ago for college application. These tips are absolutely insightful and brilliant, and surely will continue to be on the top my list for recommendation.

Cheers Simon! Cannot say thank you enough and have a good one!

Best regards

Hi Simon,

I found your web page from Google and i am happy. I beliave that your page will help me on IELTS road map. Thanks you.


Sorry about the later reply!

Have you seen my ebook called "Ideas for IELTS Topics"? It contains ideas for the common topics that you mentioned.

Here's the link:


You're welcome Ziyang!


I'm glad you found me Ingilizce!

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