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November 30, 2019


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What do the arts contribute to our lives?
Dear Simon,
Here is my answer :

When people hear the word “Arts”, most of them think of drawing a picture.
In fact, arts is related to paintings, music or theatre. Most people are keen on arts of music. They create such great performances or they take part in live concerts. Some people like arts of paintings. They are fancy to gallery exhibitions.. Others prefer sitting down in a theatre to watch a Shakespeare play in particular.

From my perspective, arts brings various benefits to individuals or publics, even nationals. Arts enrich our lives, of course. It’s inspirative to me indeed. When I feel blue, music strongly motivates me to overcome hard circumstances. I have a strong feeling whenever I listen to my favourite hits.

Art is anything that reflects the remarkable talent, and act as a source of inspiration. There are various forms of art such as paintings, crafts, music, theaters.

Observing every form of art portrays its importance. For instance, we have national exhibitions and museums which are recognized internationally. People are mad to listen to their favorite music bands.

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