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November 02, 2019


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hi dear Simon
i have a lot of notebooks for new vocabulary.
- i have some friends who can speak English much better than me. i have learned a lot of new words and expressions from them.
- also when i study this site i write a lot of new words in my notebook.

Of course ı certainly believe that option b looks like beautiful more than option a



Hi Simon
I learn new words from List B which includes newspaper articles, essays, online reading and noting the key words in seperate textbook with its meaning.

I ues list B all time, it very useful for me

Dear Simon,

List B is my favorite thing to do so I can make progress as steady as possible.

I am incredibly lucky to learn under your instructions between ielts-simon.com and member site.

Thank you so much!

Hi Simon
I prefer to List B.
That’s because half a year ago, I started surrounding myself with ‘real’ English as much as possible, and recently I noticed a big improvement in my English level.
I found some favourite resources that were suitable for my level, and then I fitted them into my daily routine. That still works well for me.

Obviously it is B but how can we know which is important ? We always want to learn quickly so we memorise vocabulary list form internet, vocab book and dictionary.I think it is ok to do but we have to look for sentences at the same time , how the words are used in context.

Dear Simon
Exactly list B.
Two years ago, i have used list A for learning English Language but now i am using websites, books, newspaper which have English Texts. this method is very efficient and suitable to improve my vocabulary knowledge in English. As a result, i want to tell all IELTS applicants that list B is very more useful than list A.

list B :)

Hi Simon,

I think both lists represent one learning process of a language (the English in our case).. They complement each other, but the List#B is the main part nevertheless.
Ali M


My tip is simple: do MORE of the things in list B.

Thank you Simon, you direct us a right way to go! I will follow your path to improve my English basics :)

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