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November 28, 2019


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i was wondering...is it ok to write something like 'In Italy, ...blah blah. Similar pattern can be seen for Ireland.' without mentioning exact numbers for Ireland in the whole report

sir, why should has been used , but not will ?


Yes, you could write "A similar pattern can be seen for Ireland" without mentioning the figures.



I use 'should' just for variety, but 'will' would be fine too.

thank you so much sir for your feedback.

Hi Simon
I have been a big fan of you for like a year. Since then, I have learned so much that I cannot tell you.
I cannot get my head around why you used 'should' to show the future tense?
Apart from 'should', are there any alternatives to show the future tense?
I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with your helpful answer.
By the way, how can I sign up for your course because I live in Iran and I cannot make online transactions using a card?
Please give us living in Iran a solution to do so.
Thanks in advance


We often use "should" in the future, and it means "will almost certainly" e.g. Interest rates should remain low next year = It is expected that interest rates will remain low.

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