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November 27, 2019


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Great post Simon!

Please clarify a small doubt of mine. Firstly, secondly and finally structure is your recommended style of essay/ BP writing, meaning we need to present 3 ideas in a body paragraph. So, my query is, how much each idea should I develop/extend in order to meet the task achievement requirement? If I explain and exemplify each idea, my body paragraph will be bigger (Around 150 words). Thank a lot in advance.

Hi Simon,

As you mentioned above, we should extend and develop our ideas. However, according to some English books, we can write a concluding sentence for a paragraph:

So is it OK to write concluding sentences for body paragraphs in an IELTS essay?

Hi Simon,
Could I ask a question about Writing part? 
We better to write Task1 first as you mentioned here. How about before start writing Task1, do you think we should take a look at Task2 question? to give ourselves what might happen in Task2 and brainstorm a bit ideas during the Task1? or just simply ignore what’s up next and try to focus on Task1? 

Here is the link about which writing task should we do first?

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