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December 20, 2019


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Hi Simon,
My name is Micon and I'm an IELTS teacher. I'm very interested to subscribe to your member site, in particular because of your tips on scoring, I have two quick questions though.

First, I know for an examiner to give a valid interpretation of the writing descriptors, they need to be trained as a WRITING examiner, and that speaking examiners cannot NECESSARILY score a writing task accurately. I know that you used to be a speaking examiner, and my question is if you were also a writing examiner. (Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to question your credentials because I consider you to be one of the most reliable sources of information on IELTS, it was only a question in the back of my mind).

And second, I wanted to know how much of the information and lessons on your member site is going to be about scoring a writing task as I find these lessons to be the most useful?

Thank you so much for your support.

Hi Micon,

I did both jobs: speaking and writing examiner.

Up to now there are 15 detailed lessons on the member site, and they are all about the band descriptors / scoring system for IELTS writing. I’m adding new lessons several times a week.

Hope to see you in my ‘class’!

Hi Simon

Thank you for sharing your idea with us. We have also some latest solved cue cards for 2020 IELTS Exam.

Hi Simon, just wondering Australian tennis open could be my “festival “ speaking topic? Is that relate to the “ festival”?

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