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December 07, 2019


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More and more people are buying ready to eat foods instead of cooking themselves. Does this development have more advantages or more disadvantages?

An increasing number of people prefer purchasing ready-made foods instead of cooking at home. In my opinion, the drawbacks, such as health issues and the cost, associated with this trend clearly outweigh any or all possible benefits.

In recent times, most people find ready to eat meals more convenient. This is primarily because they are busier in their work as well as family obligations than ever before. This leaves them with no time or even no energy to cook for themselves on a daily basis. Alleviation of stress is the other benefit many people feel when they do not have to spare extra time for cooking from their busy schedules. This is so relaxing for them as they no more have to think about what to cook in the evening after completing the stressful day at work. Personally, I find these advantages less significant when I consider risks associated with this development.

Despite the above positives, I think people will suffer from many serious diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular illnesses if they regularly eat meals at eateries or restaurants. This is due to the fact that this type of foods usually contains an excessive amount of salt, sugar, and fat, which is unhealthy to humans if consumed on a regular basis. Moreover, such food is usually more expensive than home-cooked meals as the sellers have to cover the cost of preparation and make a profit. For instance, most working people in India have to spend around 5000 rupees, which is about 20% of the monthly income of many people, every month if they decide to eat at their company’s canteen. This is why I feel this trend is not in favour of most people in our societies.

To conclude, although people feel relaxed and more convenience when deciding to eat outside instead of cooking themselves, I argue that these advantages would cause them more harm than good, and they will have to face more fitness and finance-related challenges in the future.

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