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January 14, 2020


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Yes sir.It really affect the students because we do not have some time to identify the accent of the speaker quickly , it comes straightway and also not get some extra time to read another questions.So, a bit challenge .

Thank you for notice, Simon

It's feels really good reading the blog, I'm gonna take IELTS in no time so I wish I could learn more.

Thanks Simon for keeping us updated and help.Is there any reason for making the IELTS harder as time goes by?


You're welcome Rose.

Keep studying the lessons Karl.

Sajan, I imagine the IELTS people realised that nobody really listens to the example. I agree that it makes things a bit harder, as you have less time to read ahead.

Thank you for the update Simon, a humble request to clarify the third point, "page number references".

and are there any reliable sources where we can practice this test with its amendments?

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